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Overview for Oracle Golden Gate fundamentals

Oracle Golden Gate is a middleware tool used for data replication, filter and transform from one database to another database. We can use Oracle Golden Gate across the heterogeneous database for data replication. Where Industrial data is divided into heterogeneous database and to transfer the data between these databases we can use Oracle Golden Gate software. Oracle Golden Gate is general used to transfer only committed data across the databases. Oracle Golden Gate can also transfer the data between two tables having different structure. We use this for transferring the data across the database as soon as it gets committed. We use Oracle Golden Gate to replicate the data from one system to another system without taking and down time. Hence we can do data replication in our industry in zero downtime

Oracle Golden Gate key Features:

• Data replication can be done in real time.

• Only committed data will get replicated and the performance will get improved.

• With the help of these middleware tool data replication can be done across different heterogeneous databases.

• The Golden Gate architecture is very simple and easy to configure.

• It supports unidirectional data replication and bidirectional data replication.

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