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Certified Ethical Hacking Courses Training

Nettech India located in Thane, Mumbai & Navi Mumbai, focuses on the necessity of Certified Ethical Hackers in terms of Today's Internet and Network security point of view. Malicious hackers are the one who used their hacking talent for bad purpose like online fraud transaction and social networking sites manipulation. Whereas Certified Ethical hacker used their skills to protect the security systems of Business from malicious hackers.

Net Tech India provide their students bright and lucrative career options in CEH(Certified Ethhical hacker) certification for Internet and security purposes.

NetTech India provide their students bright and lucrative career options in CEH(Certified Ethical hacker) certification by offering Ethical Hacking course for Internet and security purposes.

In NetTech India the students who have completed their Ethical Hacking certification can get a chance to work in various fields including IT companies as big as Wipro, Infosys, Airtel, IBM, Capgemini, Accenture etc. as an information security specialist, Network Security Administrator, Network Defense Analyst, Web Security Administrator, Server Administrator and so on.

The aspiring students who have done Ethical Hacking certification, their package can star t from 3-6 lacs per annum and grow up to 30 lacs per annum depending upon their job function and experience. Comparatively a Certified Ethical hacker can earn 20-30% more than other IT professional.

NetTech India trains their students to provide an antidote against the work of malicious hackers/intruders. These days everybody who used Internet services for their online transaction like buying and selling goods, business related data storage and sharing. In this context, NetTech India creates awareness among their students to secure data from anonymous malicious hackers. NetTech India guide their students about Certified Ethical hacking(CEH) by providing Ethical Hacking course and Penetration testing training. which is a professional level certification accepted by international council of E-Commerce consultant(EC-council).

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Net Tech India covers the following syllabus in Certified Ethical hacking :

Here we summarize about how to organize DVD/ROM contents, graphical representation of threats, creation of self explanatory slides, utilization of countermeasures against different threats/attacks and implementation of various hacking tools to test Network system security, implementation of countermeasure in real time environment.

Net Tech India covers penetration testing which enables students to implement the technologies which are helpful in real time and simulated environment.

Along with the above mentioned sessions, Net Tech India also teaches their students techniques like Remote/root vulnerability, exploitation, running shell code in RAM on disk, Wireless insecurities, hacking web applications with SQL injection, cross side scripting, hacking and defensive techniques etc.

We provide further advance level certification courses such as CCNA Security, CCNP Security , checkpoint and Juniper security.

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