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Devops Course

Devops Certification Course

Career opportunity after completing following course :

Cloud Engineer, Cloud Architect, Solution Architect Engineer, Cloud Security, System Administrator, Server Administrator, System Admin, IT System Administrator, IT Infrastructure engineer, Network Engineer, Private Cloud Engineer, Exchange Administrator.


NetTech India’s Devops course in mumbai helps you to become an expert in the field of automation of configuration management, inter-team collaboration and IT service agility. You will learn how to implement DevOps delivery model.

What do you mean by Dev Ops?

It is an enterprise software development phrase that means an agile relationship between development and IT operation. The goal of this course is to forge the relationship by improving communication between two business units.

What is the role of Dev Ops programmer?

A Dev ops programmer will work in a close connection with the IT developers to facilitate better coordination in various teams and by streamlining the process. The engineer is responsible to coordinate with the two business units.

What do you mean Dev Ops Lifecycle?

DevOps helps to maintain a relationship between development and operation. It is a process that is practiced by the developmental team and operational engineer to formulate a final stage of the product. Here, we have mentioned the lifecycle of the same.

Reasons why to master this certificate

There are several reasons why you need to learn Devops course in mumbai

• If you want to get good remuneration

• If you easily wish to get a good job

• If you want a good career growth

• If you wish to learn software development

• If you wish to keep yourself abreast with the software development

• If you want to learn critical issues related to software

• If you want to manage your work in an efficient way

• If you want a better collaboration

NetTech is a premium institute in Mumbai that offers many software courses including Oracle,Java, CCNA, CCNP,CCIE, Android and Devops. NetTech India offers high-quality Devops training in Mumbai. NetTech India helps you to have mastery over this Devops course in mumbai. Our Devops training will prepare you well and will help you to hone your IT skills.

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CCIE security Lab Exam topics are as follows

In CCIE security course, the first topic which is System Hardening and Availability, Traffic Control and Congestion Management, Device services (e.g. SNMP, SysLog, NTP),Control Plane Policing, Control device access (e.g. HTTP, SSH, Telnet, Privilege levels).

The students will get a chance to do Lab practice on identification and mitigation which will teach them how to identify and protect against fragmentation attacks, IP spoofing attacks, DoS attacks, DHCP and DNS attacks, port redirection attacks, MAC Flooding and VLAN hopping attacks reconnaissance attacks and it also covers topics like how to capture and utilize packet captures, Net Flow, NBAR.

In NetTech India, we also provide technical knowledge about Cisco IPS 4200 series sensor Appliance which covers sessions like Virtual Sensors, Tune signatures on the Sensor Appliance, Use IDM/IME to the Sensor Appliance.

It also helps to understand about device admin (ACS5.x, Cisco IOS Routers, ASA), ISE (Profiling Configuration, Client Provisioning, Guest Services etc.).

NetTech India also has advance level sessions on Cisco ASA Firewall, Cisco ISo Zone-based Firewall, perimeter security and wireless access.

We provide some other certification courses such as CCNA, CCNP, CCDA, CCDP, MCSE,MCSA,Cloud Computing Ethical Hacking, Juniper and Red hat.


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