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Web Designing Course

Web Designing

Career opportunity after completing following course :

Web Designer, Web Developer, UI Designer, UI/UX Designer, UI/UX Designer and Developer, Responsive Web Designer, Web Architecture, Software Trainee.

Description :

Web design includes a wide range of abilities and orders in the creation and maintenance of websites. NetTech India’s web designing Course in mumbai include web graphic design; interface plan; writing, including standardized code and exclusive programming; client experience design and search engine optimization. In our Web designing course one will learn PHP, HTML5 + CSS3, Javascript and more.

Website designing Course in mumbai likewise includes data architecture, website structure, client interface, navigation ergonomics, website layout, colors, contrasts, text styles and imagery (photography) and additionally symbols plan. Learn everything from responsive web design, to WordPress design, and creating user-friendly sites in our Web designing training Course.

Web design is the arranging and formation of websites. This incorporates the information architecture, client interface, site structure, navigation, format, colors, text styles and so forth. After Web Designing Training and Web development course form NetTech India one can easily code and launch a complete website.

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Begin adapting especially composed "Web Designing Course in mumbai" preparing for industry level. Figure out how to make sites utilizing programming resembles Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Web Technologies like HTML, CSS, JS, and more.

Introduction to Web sites and Web Technologies

• What Is Web, Types Of Websites

• Web Designing Industry Standards

• Various Web Technologies


• Create Web Pages Using HTML And CSS

• Table-Less DIV Based Web Page Design With CSS

W3 Standards Validation, Testing and Cross Browser Compatibility

• W3C Standards, Website Validation

• Resolve And Identity Bugs

• Cross Browser Compatibility

Web Publishing

• Learn To Register Domain And Hosting

• Web Hosting Control Panel And Usages

• FTP, Emails, Website Statistics And More


Next level Web design course training to enhance your aptitudes and figure out how to plan more complex designs and impacts with most recent bleeding edge web advancements. Advance yourself with the most recent innovations by chipping away at enormous stages like Twitter Bootstrap, JQuery and so on. Create Responsive Website with HTML5 and CSS3 for different devices like Desktop, Tablets, Smart Phones.

JavaScript &jQuery (The Javascript Library)

• Learn Javascript Programming Language

• Learn JQuery Framework

• JQuery/JS Web Page Implementation

HTML5 and CSS3

• Learn The Latest HTML5 And CSS3

• Designing With HTML5 And CSS3

• Learn The Difference Between HTML4/CSS2 And HTML5/CSS3

Responsive Web Designing For Desktop, Smart Phones, Tablets

• Introduction To Responsive Website Design

• Grid Based Responsive Designing Structure

• Learn To Create Responsive Website

• Testing On Desktop, Smart Phones, Tablets

The Twitter Bootstrap Framework

• Learn And Understand Bootstrap Framework

• Bootstrap File Structure And Implementation

• Bootstrap Grid System

• Creating First Page With Bootstrap

• Making One-Column And Two-Column Grid With Bootstrap

• Making Fluid Responsive Layout With Bootstrap


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