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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Online business is booming like anything. Every company is now getting online to generate online business. Directly or indirectly, they need SEO expert. Net Tech India brings you the Digital marketing course that include Seo training, which every business is looking for and which is very important part of online marketing activities. The Net Tech India has designed, explained and demonstrated this Seo course with examples from SEO professionals that will help you become an effective SEO

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Course Details

NetTech Seo certification course begin with the introduction to SEO, which comprises of use of Search Engine Optimization, generate traffic to your page, need of Search Engine Optimization, site design & development, internet and protocols, SEO factors, websites and servers, essentials of good website designing, major search engines and directories, page rank and search engine algorithms.

Going further in this Seo training you will learn about On Page Optimization that would include topics like Hyper link optimization, Keyword research and analysis, Header Tag Optimization, Landing Pages Optimization, Competitor analysis, URL Rewriting, RSS Feed Creation, Google webmaster tool and many others.

Our seo certification course also covers Off Page Optimization like One Way, Two Way and Three Way link building. In this seo course you will get to learn about important SEO Tools like Google keyword tool, page rank checker, keywords position checker, domain age tools and keywords density checker. In addition this Seo course also covers SEO Reporting areas as Google analytics, SEO report creation, tracking and reporting and securing ranks.

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Course Goals

It aims in helping you understand the concepts and methodologies is SEO optimization, by covering major topics and scenarios.

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