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Red Hat Certified engineer :RHCE

Red Hat Certification Syllabus : RHCE

The person who has done RHCE Certification and training from Net Tech India located in Thane, Mumbai & Navi Mumbai, is enabled to demonstrate the ability and skills to work as an service system administrator and they also get an job opportunity to work in big IT Companies with good salary packages.

NetTech India also includes Red hat training study guides, pdf’s and exam question set for their enrolled student free of cost.

Net Tech India is one of the best institute which also covers advance topics of RHCE course like securing files with GnuPg, root network and secure network traffic, how to configure system to use Kerberos to authenticate and validate users via sudo.

Net Tech India also focuses on further topics like configuration of NTP servers, web server, catching only name server, file sharing with NFS.

Net Tech India also introduces how to troubleshoot boot process and recover unbootable systems with rescue mode. Student will get brief knowledge about how to configure and deploy SSL encapsulated web servers and also how to access centralized storage(ISC51) and encryption of file system.

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