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NetTech India, one of the renowned software and hardware and networking certification provider, offers its Laptop Chip Level Training in Mumbai. Training held by a laptop chip level repairing Expert, course will surely polish your laptop repairing skills. It also provides a Laptop card level repairing training. Apart from this, NetTech India is also one of the top institutes for all types of laptop and motherboard chip level repairing training in Mumbai. The Laptop Chip Level training course is designed to avail you with more hands on practical.

The NetTech India’s laptop repairing course covers everything from basic electronics to advanced testing and repairing tools. Laptop in today’s techno-savvy world plays a vital role and maintaining and repairing faults in the laptop is a big challenge for all of us today, but this laptop chip-level training validates the skills for repairing the servicing the laptops. The course structure of this training course starts at a basic level with analog & digital electronics, making it easier for a candidate of an entry-level to grasp the things required for Laptop Repair Services.

Further, you will also learn about advance testing and repairing tools like CRO Machine & BGA machine, universal BIOS programmer, IRDA machine & SMD component tester, etc. This will help you gain maximum knowledge about laptop hardware and components.

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It will also train you to ensure quality repairing when you actually implement. The major categories and highlights covered under this course are:

Analog Electronics:

  • AC / DC Fundamentals
  • Introduction of Electricity ( Volt, Current, watt, Ampere)
  • What is Circuit and its types?
  • How to Use & Testing of electronic components
  • Resistors, Capacitors, Diode, Inductors & Fuse
  • Transistors & Transformer
  • IC’s & Mosfet

Digital Electronics:

  • System
  • Binary, Octal, Hexa
  • Conversion of Number Systems Types of Gate, AND or NOT NOR etc.
  • Removing & Fixing of Components & Chips with Micro Iron and BGA Machine.

Advance Testing and Repairing Tools

  • CRO Machine & BGA Machine
  • Universal Bios Programmer
  • IRDA Machine & SMD Component Tester
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Advance Magnetic Screw Driver kit
  • Desktop Diagnostic Card & Laptop Diagnostic Card
  • CPU Socket Tester

Component & IC’s Checking different method or device

  • Identify each component & IC’s in Laptop motherboard.
  • Damaged and ok component Testing practice.
  • Component checking by analog and digital multi-meter.
  • Component checking by Analog CRO.
  • Using of DC power supply.

Motherboard overview and Block Diagram of Motherboard.

  • Identification of all types of chip, ports, socket, slots etc.
  • Working Concept of Motherboard. Concept of RESET, READY, CLOCK Signal.
  • VRM Circuit- Overview, Tracing, Hot Testing, Shorting Problem in VRM Circuit, Troubleshooting,
  • Internal Structure of VRM Chip, Volt Sense Circuit Concept, Programmable circuit, VID Concept.
  • RAM Supply: Identification of all Types of Desktop RAM, RAM Operating Voltage, RAM Supply Pin, All types of possible circuit of RAM Supply. Hot Testing.
  • Clock Generator Circuit: Identification of Clock Generator, Tracing, Use of Frequency Counter to measure Clock, Troubleshooting.
  • USB Port Circuit: USB Port Supply Pin Tracing, Data Pin Tracing.
  • Sound Circuit: Tracing, Supply Circuit of Sound Chip.
  • PS 2 Port Circuit: Pin Details of PS 2 Port, Supply Circuit, DATA and CLOCK Circuit.
  • 1SATA Port : Data Pin Tracing of Sata Port.
  • Sound Circuit – Tracing, Supply, Troubleshooting.

On successful completion of this course a candidate will be able to perform task power management of a laptop, diagnosing problems without disassembling a laptop, Expert guidance and procedures of repairing a laptop and Assembly and disassembly of different laptops with video guidance.

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