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Web Designer, Web Developer, UI Designer, UI/UX Designer, UI/UX Designer and Developer, Responsive Web Designer, Web Architecture, Software Trainee.

Description :

The World Wide Web (abbreviated WWW or the Web) is an information space where documents and other web resources are identified by Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), interlinked by hypertext links, and can be accessed via the Internet. Tim Berners-Lee, RobertCailliau were the inventors of World Wide Web.

The World Wide Web has been central to the development of the Information Age and is the primary tool billions of people use to interact on the Internet.Web pages are primarily text documents formatted and annotated with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).In addition to formatted text, web pages may contain, video, audio, and software components that are rendered in the user's web browser as coherent pages of multimedia content.

This means you can jump from one document to another simply by clicking on hot spots. There are various languages to develop web pages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery etc. JavaScript is used for dynamic updates of web pages. Using these technologies User can create attractive UI known as frontend.

There are various server side technologies which are used to interact with servers, like PHP. It is used for developing dynamic web pages, data storage in database using scripts, website security, Emails and many more.

There are several applications called Web Browsers that make it easy to access the World Wide Web, Two most popular web browsers are Chrome, Firefox.

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