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    Career opportunity after completing the following course :

    • Web Designer
    • Web Developer
    • UI Designer
    • UI/UX Designer
    • UI/UX Designer and Developer
    • Responsive Web Designer
    • Web Architecture
    • Software Trainee.
    • And many more…


    Web design training at Nettech India includes a wide range of abilities in the creation and maintenance of websites. In today’s era, every small to high-level business has its presence on the internet, thus raising the demands for website designers. If you opt for this web designing course, you are moving forward to have a bright future.

    NetTech India’s web designing Course in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane comprises of:

    1. web graphic design.
    2. interface planning and writing.
    3. including standardized code and exclusive programming.
    4. client experience design.
    5. search engine optimization.
    6. And many more…

    In our Website designing course, one will learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and more. HTML5 forms the structure of our website, CSS3 adds styling to it and JavaScript makes our Website functional. All this together helps in making website users interactive.

    Nettech India Website Design likewise includes data architecture, website structure, client interface, navigation ergonomics, website layout, colors, contrasts, text styles and imagery (photography), and additionally symbols plan.

    Web design is the arranging and formation of websites. We also include responsive web designing in our web design training, to enable you to design websites that are mobile-friendly as well as user friendly.

    After Web Designing Training and Web development  from NetTech India in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane one can easily code and launch a complete website.

    Course Levels :

    Web Designing Course Level 1 :

    Our Course Level 1 will get you acquainted with the introduction of web designing. It will train you with the basic languages necessary for creating websites and also will make you familiar with w3 standards. Lastly, you will learn to publish the website.

    1. Introduction to Web sites and Web Technologies :

    • What Is Web, Types Of Websites.
    • Web Designing Industry Standards.
    • Various Web Technologies.


    • Create Web Pages Using HTML And CSS.
    • Table-Less DIV Based Web Page Design With CSS.

    3. W3 Standards Validation, Testing, and Cross Browser Compatibility

    • W3C Standards, Website Validation.
    • Resolve And Identity Bugs.
    • Cross-Browser Compatibility.

    4. Web Publishing

    • Learn To Register Domain And Hosting.
    • Web Hosting Control Panel And Usages.
    • FTP, Emails, Website Statistics, And More…

    Web Designing Course Level 2 :

    Our Course Level 2 will take you a step further by training you to make the website functional and dynamic and also responsive. It will provide you the knowledge about HTML5 and CSS3 and Bootstrap.

    1. JavaScript & JQuery (The JavaScript Library)

    • Learn JavaScript Programming Language.
    • Learn JQuery Framework.
    • JQuery/JS Web Page Implementation.

    2. HTML5 and CSS3

    • Learn The Latest HTML5 And CSS3.
    • Designing With HTML5 And CSS3.
    • Learn The Difference Between HTML4/CSS2 And HTML5/CSS3

    3. Responsive Web Designing For Desktop, Smart Phones, Tablets

    • Introduction To Responsive Website Design.
    • Grid-Based Responsive Designing Structure.
    • Learn To Create Responsive Website.
    • Testing On Desktop, Smart Phones, Tablets.

    4. The Twitter Bootstrap Framework

    • Learn And Understand Bootstrap Framework.
    • Bootstrap File Structure And Implementation.
    • Bootstrap Grid System.
    • Creating First Page With Bootstrap.
    • Making One-Column And Two-Column Grid With Bootstrap.
    • Making Fluid Responsive Layout With Bootstrap.
    • And many more…