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    Today, the videos have gained a lot of importance in increasing the standard of your business. Video marketing is now carried out by every single business niche. NetTech India a renowned IT training institute provides you with Video Marketing training in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane.

    With lessened attention span, improved mobility, cheaper data, and rising internet speeds, video consumption is on rising. Starting from live videos to static ones, today the increased number of businesses and marketers are using this tool to promote their business and to reach out to the audience using videos.

    Our Video marketing training at Nettech India is drafted such that it can be taken by beginner, intermediate and expert. YouTube is gaining popularity as a marketing tool. So, for all those who want to build their career in the field of digital marketing or for businesses who want to improve the views and eventually monetize from it to earn money, this course is the best for you.


    Course Details

    For video marketers who want to learn about web video optimization or how to format a business video, including the best practices that needed to be adopted for setting up a YouTube Channel, create an enticing title or promoting a product using YouTube, or moving a potential customer to a landing page, this Video Marketing course is a must.

    It will help you to learn about marketing campaigns and video strategies that you need to implement.
    NetTech India’s Video Marketing training will provide you insights about :-

    • YouTube and video marketing- an overview, strategies, how to schedule the videos, how to make the videos watchable, how to optimize videos for search.
    • Video Marketing methods including paid video promotion, make your video shareable, how to measure the impact, analyze the customer journey, video length guidelines.
    • Leveraging the power of mobile.
    • Video and YouTube marketing.

    Course Objective

    The Video marketing course from Nettech India institute located in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane will make you aware of YouTube and streaming benefits, how to produce compelling and effective videos, how to use videos as a means of marketing, about YouTube promotion, and how to customize the channel.