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SAUTO 300-735

Automating and Programming Cisco Security Solutions (SAUTO 300-735)

Exam Description

Automating CISCO Enterprise Solution is a concentration based course and is related to CCNP Enterprise certification and Dev Net Professional Certification. This course equips the students with the knowledge of implementing enterprise and automated solutions like programming concepts, including Python programming, API, controllers and automation tools. This course, automating and programming CISCO security solutions helps the candidate to prepare for SAUTO 300-735 exam.

Course Highlights

It is a 90- minute exam that will test the candidate’s knowledge related to implementing of security automated solutions, including the programming concepts, Restful API, data model, protocol, firewall, web, DNS, cloud and email security. The course will validate the skills of software developers, automation specialist and other software professionals. The program certifies the candidate with new-age skills. The course focuses on improving your knowledge in the field of automated solutions, Python programming, API and automation tools.

Exam Topics

The exam will include the below-mentioned topics, however, it might change without a prior notice. Here, we have enlisted the topics that can be a part of the exam:

Network Programmability Foundation-the course will provide detailed knowledge of API styles, challenges and patterns used in API synchronously and asynchronously, learning the network configuration tools, etc.

Automate API and protocols- Through this, the candidate will be able to identify XML instance based on YANG model, compare functionality and benefits.

Network Device Programmability- The course will provide tips on how to construct Python script, configure the device using Python library.

Why Net Tech?

Net Tech is one of the best institute to provide you the necessary programmability skills. The course will help the candidates to hone their skills in the field of networking.

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