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    SAP ABAP abbreviation for Advanced Business Application Programming is a Fourth-generation high-level programming language called ABAP. The SAP system uses this to run applications on the NetWeaver ABAP platform. Professionals alter the application functionalities using ABAP. The SAP database contains all of the ABAP programmes that have been created. On the SAP NetWeaver ABAP platform, apps may be developed and executed.

    One of SAP’s most well-liked software offerings is ABAP. Its success is due to the fact that programmers frequently view it as a straightforward programming language. Its ability to let  programmers choose between procedural and object-oriented programming is a fantastic feature. For the development of reports, interfaces, forms, and module pool programming, developers use ABAP.


    • SAP Overview
    • Introduction to ABAP
    • Components of ABAP Dictionary
    • Internal Tables
    • ABAP Programming Language
    • Modularization
    • Debugger
    • Report Programming
    • Dialog Programming


    • SAP ABAP Developer
    • SAP ABAP Expert
    • ABAP Consultant
    • SAP Application Engineer
    • SAP Analyst