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    Career Opportunities & Placement

    The well-known Quantity Takeoff Training Center in Thane with high-tech infrastructure and lab facilities is Nettech India. As one of India’s largest educational institutions, Nettech India has more than a decade of excellent successful training and dream job prospects in top businesses.Skilled Quantity takeoffs are qualified for jobs in different fields, such as:

    • Quantity Takeoff Estimator Civil Engineer
    • Quantity Surveyor
    • Estimation Engineer
    • Piping MTO Engineers
    • Piping Engineer
    • Mechanical – Construction Site Engineer
    • And many More..

    What is Quantity Takeoff ?

    It is reasonably easy to describe what a Quantity Takeoff is in construction. A quantity takeoff applies to the measurement of products. You study the project plans and take away details on what physical materials are defined by the planner, engineer, or draftsperson to assemble the project. The technology has changed the method of quantity removal and computerization has been invaluable for bigger construction companies. Nettech India offers a Quantity Takeoff Course and is based in Thane, Navi Mumbai, and Mumbai, which also has a 100% placement guarantee.
    Advanced methods such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) have now lifted the technical level for dynamic structures that have been used in the past. Computers, however, dramatically improve the precision of predictions. The old dilemma of poor efficiency and unnecessary waste elegantly illustrated in an ongoing study by the Intelligence Unit of the economy has been solved.

    Course Objectives

    Quantity takeoffs are material-specific, irrespective of what you call them. As a rule of thumb, quantity surveyors or take-off specialists do not provide for other project needs such as manpower, overheads, licenses, insurance, supplies, or incidentals. They adhere to isolating criteria for materials and transposing the detail into cost-based estimates. Trainers are trained professionals with more than 8 years of experience in their respective fields and are actively employed with leading MNCs. Our labs are very well fitted with the newest hardware and software models. Our educational plans are all based on existing requirements in the industry. Since all trainers are working professionals, trainers can use these projects during training sessions, so they have several live projects.