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    Career Opportunities & Placement

    With 12 years of real project-based experience, we have the largest team of qualified professional PLC automation trainers at Nettech India. Within the topics they offer coaching, trainers are experienced and up-to-date because they also pay time on real-world trade applications. Nettech India Students once trained are qualified to maintain PLCs in sub-stations, switchyards, water treatment plants, etc., after PLC & SCADA training. Any system in a power plant, whether it is a boiler, turbine, or generator, or a valve or motor, is operated and controlled by PLC, SCADA and DCS in the operation. Therefore, our course makes students eligible for many jobs in coal-fired/combined cycle power plants, electronics/electrical and mechanical automation Industry. In steel plants, cement plants, power plants & for many gulf workers, the hands-on experience on this equipment makes you qualify for operator jobs & controller jobs.



    PLC is an industrial computer control system that continually tracks and determines the condition of your input devices based on a custom program that controls the condition of your outgoing devices. PLC PROGRAMMABLE is an industrial computer control system. Much more can be done with PLC-based systems through almost any production line, machine feature, or process. PLCs can be configured with superior reliability and efficiency to perform tasks under real-time constraints. The most widely used PLC language is Ladder Logic. Three key areas can be separated into the modules that make the PLC operate. Programmable logic controllers are specialized devices used to monitor machines and processes. It also shares similar terminology with traditional PCs, such as memory, applications, central processing units, and communications. Nettech India is the first choice of aspirants to learn PLC Electrical course, as they are located near your location.

    Course Objectives

    Training at Nettech India Institute is often important to shaping a person’s career. Industrial automation course in PLC is now a day one of the desirable engineering career opportunities for students. In this case, the Engineering graduates in automation can have plenty of open doors, but Nettech India institute is the first choice for aspirants. We offer students from a wider range of engineering class PLC training in Thane, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai to get the best possible choices in the industry of electronics / electrical and mechanical automation with the latest trends. With 100% placement assistance from Nettech India, our training program includes fair exposure to various PLC electrical engineering courses. The student will be simultaneously educated on the programmable logic controllers (PLCs) execution model, supervisory control and data acquisition during learning process technologies (SCADA).