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    Nettech India PG Certification in Data science course Jobs in India.

    The data science field has increased at an unprecedented rate, creating a huge demand for talent in different sectors. Demand is the largest among BFSI (38 percent), followed by Energy (13 percent), Pharma and Healthcare (12 percent) and E-Commerce (11 percent), among others. Bengaluru, India is Silicon Valley, continues to create a maximum number of jobs, contributing around 23 percent of analytics jobs in India, followed by Delhi/NCR at 20 percent and Mumbai at around 15 percent.

    There were about 50,000 start-ups in India, of which about 8,900–9,300 were technology-led start-ups. Over 1,300 new tech startups were born in 2019 alone, with 2–3 tech startups born every day. There is a huge demand for skilled data scientists all over the world, especially in a rapidly developing country like India. There is a huge amount of data-related operations in India. The main career opportunities available are data science, data analytics, big data engineers, big data managers and data architects.

    However, to close these gaps, employees need to be well versed in various data-related technologies. While a 1-month data science crash course can be a good place to start, if you are looking for a future in data science, you need to have a deep understanding of the field. Data science is very popular. There are plenty of opportunities for potential job seekers. It is Linkedin’s fastest-growing job and will produce 11.5 million jobs by 2026. This makes Nettech India Data Science a highly employable job sector.


    PG Certification in Data Science Course in Thane, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

    The study of data is Data Science. Generating insights is about extracting, analyzing, visualizing, managing and storing data. These insights help businesses make powerful decisions powered by data. The use of both unstructured and structured data is needed by Data Science. It is a multidisciplinary field with origins in statistics, mathematics and informatics. It involves different categories of analytical approaches for modeling different types of business scenarios and for finding solutions and strategies for optimal decision-making in marketing, finance, operations, organizational behavior and other managerial aspects. This new field PG Certification in Data Science of study breaks down into some different areas, from building large data infrastructure and configuring the various server tools that sit on top of the hardware, to performing analysis and developing the right transformations to generate useful results.

    The objective of the Course

    PG Certification in Data Science & Analytics is an excellent blend of expertise and experience in the field of data science and its industrial applications with a special 6-month (840 Hours) program provided by Nettech India. The (NSQF) National Skills Qualifications Framework matches the course to Level 8. The curriculum is structured to create skilled practitioners in the field of data science. The program also provides participants with six weeks of real-life hands-on analytical tasks to be prepared with good analytical and programming that makes them highly demanding and employable upon completion of the program. The purpose of this program is to build data analysts and data scientists. There is a large demand for professional data science talent.

    The Nettech India Institute has estimated that the world will face a shortage of 38-40 million highly qualified staff with profound analytical skills in the coming years by 2020 that can exploit data analysis to make effective decisions for their organizations. Therefore, it is very clear that it is important to train current resources along with new candidates interested in pursuing careers in this area. Our mission is to build a talent pool that can fulfill this demand.

    What skills will you learn in this PG Certification Data Science course at Nettech India?

    By mastering Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Exploratory Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks, and implementing Big Data techniques using tools such as R, Excel, Tableau, SQL, MySQL, Hadoop, and more, students can become professional Data Science professionals through this 11-month in-person postgraduate program. Certified by Nettech India, guaranteed a 100%placement* the program is taught to the best minds in the industry where students gain hands-on learning experience in data science labs that are equipped with the latest analytics software & applications. This Data Science course from Nettech India equips learners with all the technical and conceptual skills required for the ultimate position in the analytical industry. The course introduces learners to business analytics using the most in-demand analytics technologies such as R and Python and teaches the implementation of various data science concepts such as data exploration, visualization and hypotheses testing. Special attention has been paid to the Machine Learning techniques used for regression, classification and clustering. Upon completion of the course, participants will learn the concept of Data Analytics using open-source statistical tools such as R, Python and some very good visualization tools and techniques. They will be able to implement the industry-oriented Data Analytics Project.