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    To increase the traffic to the website, many businesses are running paid campaigns on various platforms. For dealing with the paid campaigns, good knowledge about PPC (Pay Per Click) is required. NetTech India a renowned IT training institute has come up with the Pay Per Click training in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane which also has a 100% placement guarantee.

    PPC is a pay-per-click mechanism that is used in online advertising. Any time a visitor clicks on an ad, PPC advertising helps the visitor gain money. You can quickly learn the science and art behind your company’s paid marketing strategies by following this Pay Per Click course in your portfolio.


    Course Details

    The candidates can gain mastery in the field of Pay Per Click and Paid search by learning PPC training course of NetTech India.

    After completing the Pay Per Click course from Nettech India institute, the participants will be able to,

    • Understand the nuances of pay per click advertising.
    • Familiarize with auction model of paid search, ranking algorithms, and post-click activity.
    • Understand the difference between multiple search engine and the impact of a paid campaign on the brand.
    • Assess the marker shared by different search engine.
    • Identify and measure the results of Pay Per click trends and make use of the pattern.
    • Select the keywords that best match the advertising model.
    • Identify different marketing campaigns and pricing model of PPC.
    • How to develop paid advertisement content and landing pages.
    • Understand how the PPC campaigns work by analyzing the market trends.
    • Conduct research and track returns and clicks to make informed business decisions..

    Course Objective

    The professionals who want to build their career in digital marketing would benefit from Nettech India Pay Per Click training in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane.

    -The course certification from Nettech Indi is beneficial for those who want to know the impact of paid marketing campaigns on the business.

    – It is highly beneficial to a business owner, entrepreneurs, digital marketing professionals, freelancers,s and graduates. With this PPC training, the student will be able to gain expertise in different fields like PPC,

    • Introduction to keywords.
    • Different types of a campaign setting.
    • Conversion tracking.
    • Understanding quality score.

    – The reason why people go for paid campaigns is to get instant results, improved brand ranking, and lead generation.