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Oracle Developer

Career opportunity after completing following course :

Oracle DBA, Oracle Apps DBA, Oracle Database Administrator, Oracle Developer, Oracle RAC Administrator, Data Warehouse Expert, Oracle App Developer, Oracle Dataguard Administrator Oracle Goldengate Administrator.

Description :

Oracle SQL Developer is affirmed on the accompanying platforms and for the accompanying creation Oracle and non-Oracle (outsider) databases. Any issues on platforms or databases not recorded might be considered when replicated on a certified blend. In terms of modern computing, SQL Developer which works with Oracle databases in an integrated development environment. By the use of the Java development kit, the Oracle Corporation provides it for free. Oracle offers an integrated set of applications that help in developing tools. Oracle Developer supports a variety of third party plug-in which may be helpful to the user in order to connect the non-Oracle databases. SQL Developers support code insights, automatic tabs, syntax coloring and bracket matching. The OCA level was intended to accommodate an entry level DBA certification assignment for the Oracle platform. Information Technology experts with practically no Oracle experience can acquire the learning and abilities important to break into the exceptionally lucrative and testing Oracle profession.

Multi-user Environments

Oracle SQL Developer is supported in the following multi-user environments:

• Microsoft Terminal Server

• Citrix MetaFrame and MetaFrame XP (for Windows)

• MetaFrame 1.1 for UNIX environments

Oracle Developer – SQL

SQL programming language maintains and creates database objects to store and manipulate data. The users also learn how to retrieve data from the storage by using advanced techniques such as CUBE, ROLLUP and set operators, and using different DML, DDL, DCL statements.


Oracle manages the most advanced information systems and is a firm step towards a strong foundation in database administration. On accomplishing this, Oracle OCA Certification, candidates get to power-up their career growth and enhance the talent pool in Oracle.

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Oracle Developer : PL/SQL

Procedural Language/ Structured Query Language are an extension of Oracle relational database. Pl/SQL supports loops, exceptions, conditions, variables etc. Once the database has the program stored, it becomes available for use as and when required later on. Procedures cannot be used in SQL statements. PL/SQL maintains a lot of differences between procedures and functions with respect to general purpose programming.


Developer Track PL/SQL is a revolutionary grid offering database administrators storage management, self-management as well as clustering features. which has been designed in such a manner that it relieves system administrators from low value and repetitive administrative work and simultaneously increases and expands their technical skills and value.Once the student completes this program, candidate will be certified with PL/SQL.

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