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    Career Opportunities & Placement

    This course, developed and taught at Nettech India, provides students with an accurate knowledge of software developments and teaches them according to the principles of a software series. As one of India’s top NX Cam educational institutions, Nettech India offers top companies from over a decade world-class, productive training and dream job prospects. We have a special mentoring team for each candidate to allow us to work at NX Cam from the start to the end. He/she who is qualified for NX CAM courses open the door to lucrative jobs. The candidate can apply for a profile, such as the CNC programmer, the CNC programmers specialist, the CAM Automation Developer – TX, after completing this training course.



    NX CAM training offers a single system of complete and integrated NC programming capabilities. This makes it possible to link planning and flooring operations seamlessly to a digital thread using clear 3D models, details, and processes. Using powerful, application-related tools, you can streamline and automatically program NC while reducing cycle time. NX CAM software offers you the possibility of using single CAM software to make better parts faster, from machining and molding 2.5-axis to simultaneous five-axis grinding and high volume production. Nettech India offers NX CAM training and is based in Thane, Navi Mumbai and Mumbai, and provides a 100% placement guarantee. The software is an integrated product design solution that enables engineers to offer a collaborative innovative product to optimize and multiply the product development process. You can learn the skills at Nettech India to help you create creative, scalable product concepts.

    Course Objectives

    The NX CAM course is intended for NX CAM software users, who want to be more productive by using advanced techniques of adaptation. This course is designed at Nettech India to fulfill student’s expectations that classroom learning is transferred into work productivity. Programs any job using one CAM system, from 2.5-axis to multi-spindle turning. Take advantage of the latest production technologies, such as quick machining, 5-axis milling, and robotics. Enhance machine uptime and eliminate production errors with built-in G-code simulation. Gain productivity with optimized CAD/CAM applications, push end-to-end operations, from 3D prototypes to finished parts. After the course is completed, new cutting tools, part materials, and new processing procedures can be added to library production using the feed- and speed-related methods.