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    Top Reasons that make Nettech India training institute best among all others:

    • All our training programs are focused on projects in the live industry and many more.
    • All our training programs are industry-specific.
    • We perform training on a regular & weekly basis and tailor the training schedule to suit the requirements of the candidate.
    • Worldwide Recognized Course Completion Certificate, once you have completed the course.
    • All Nettech India trainers work for professionals and thus have many live projects. In the course of the training sessions, trainers use these projects and many more.

    CAD-skilled MX road design is qualified for jobs in different fields, such as :

    • Highway Design Engineer
    • Estimation Civil Engineer – Road Infrastructure
    • Roads designer
    • Transport Planner – Urban Planning
    • Construction
    • Engineering
    • R&D


    MXROAD is a state-of-the-art string-based tool that enables fast and accurate design for all types of roads. You can easily develop alternative design solutions using MXROAD to achieve the ‘ideal’ road system. MXROAD uses a strong and simple 3D string modeling technique for the creation of any 3D surface. Civil engineers, designers, inspectors and device designers can access 3D modeling, building-driven architecture, and other analysis of engineering applications. By integrating conventional design profiles and cross-sections with 3D modeling techniques, MX Road enhances design efficiency. Nettech India is one of the MX Road Design Training Institute, most recommended in Thane, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. It provides practical and concrete information on live projects and ensures work with the advanced MX Road Design Training courses. The specialized working team of trained professionals at Nettech India MX Road Design Training has 9+ years of experience in the implementation of MX Road Design projects in real-time.

    Courses Objectives

    This course will help you embark on a journey to future studies in MX Road Design and Architecture, regardless of your current limited experience. The website is an extremely big place and you will visit many websites every day, whether for entertainment, business, or learning if you are the typical Internet user. However, did you ever wonder how these websites work? How are they constructed? How are we communicating with browsers, computers and mobile devices? Which skills to create a website are required? The answers to these questions can be your first step towards a deeper understanding of the internet and learning new skills across almost 1 billion websites on the internet. Furthermore, the Nettech India trainers help the candidates develop practical expertise to increase design efficiency, integrating conventional plan engineering workflows with a respective industry designation. It will also help you learn about digital terrain models and Google Earth integration. Build awareness of GIS, business instruments such as PDFs, I-models, and hyper models. Knowledge of the digital 3D modeling of roads, dynamics and corridors. Learn how to create vertical and horizontal alignments. MXROAD is useful for streamlining workflows and reducing time for output.