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    Career Opportunities after Manual testing Course :

    • QA Analyst
    • Sr. QA Analyst
    • QA Team Coordinator
    • Test Manager
    • Senior Test Manager
    • And many more…


    NetTech India is one of the leading software testing institutes which provides Manual testing training in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane and assists you to achieve a competent level of testing and quality assurance. Manual Testing training at our institute is provided by our expertise and certified staff.

    In the current market scenario, software testing is part of software development and is considered to be the most important factor in attracting, maintaining and expanding the customer base. It is undertaken to access whether the build software product will be acceptable to its end users, its target audience, its purchasers, and other stakeholders. Software Testing can be carried out in two ways, Manual Testing and Automated Testing.

    Manual testing is a traditional method of testing that is carried out manually, step-by-step by the tester who conducts all the actions on the application and shows whether a specific step has been successfully completed or whether it has failed. This method of testing and its reports are generated without the use of any automation software testing tools.

    Course Details

    – Manual Testing certification course at Nettech India begins with the understanding of the Fundamentals of Software Testing, which includes

    1. Why is testing necessary?
    2. What is testing?
    3. Economics of testing
    4. Black box testing
    5. White-box testing
    6. Software testing principles and fundamental test process
    7. And many more…

    – Going further, you can learn about models of software development, i.e. V-Model, and cycles of iterative life.

    – You also learn about the test levels;

    1. component testing
    2. integration testing
    3. system testing
    4. acceptance testing
    5. Maintenance testing.
    6. And many more…

    – The course also discusses static methods, techniques of test design, test management, and other kinds of research.

    – In addition, topics like specifying releases and cycles, planning tests, running tests and adding and tracking defects are also included.

    Course Goals

    Nettech India aims is to help you understand various testing methods, the use of test elements (rule/scenario/case), software test management, and various testing levels.