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Juniper Firewall

Given the security risks to IT networks these days, one must have a firewall which does not just protects the network from existing threats, but also accurately predicts future threats and creates measures to tackle them effectively. Today Juniper offers a complete range of security solutions that protects networks from both known and unknown threats with great efficiency.

The systems are based on Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways. The SRX Series is designed in such a manner that it enables service providers to put in place a wide range of systems including Unified Threat Management or UTM, and threat intelligence system for preventing future attacks and state-of-the-art next-gen firewall.

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What You Can Learn::

• Juniper Networks ScreenOS Security Architecture

• Administrative access configuration and option

• Restoration and backing up of ScreenOS and Configuration files

• Configure a ScreenOS in various modes such as Transparent, Route, and Network Address Translation (NAT)

• Use of multiple virtual routers

• Configure ScreenOS firewall to permit and reject traffic

• Configure administrative policy action & etc...

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