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ITIL helps in bringing out the best practices in IT service management. It helps create a public framework for establishing and IT infrastructure and for running IT enabled services and management. It lays emphasis on both business and customer points of view and helps in continually measuring and improving the quality of IT delivered services. This in particular has led to IITL being appreciated world over and has tremendously benefitted those who have deployed it in their organizations.

The biggest task of IT managers these days is to coordinate and partner with business houses with the sole aim of delivering high-quality, cost effective and timely IT services. This can only happen when perspective of both the business as well as the customer is taken into account while delivering IT services. The main focus towards achieving this must be on the fact that IT services that are being delivered is strictly geared to meet the business end of the customer. It must act as an agent of change in order to facilitate smoother business transactions.

ITIL also performs the role of quality controller by providing service guidance to business and IT managers achieve every management objective and continually improve its parameters to meet future requirements.

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What You Can Learn:

• Service Management as a Practice

• Service Lifecycle

• Service Strategy

• Service Design

• Service Transition

• Service Operation

• Continual Service Improvement

• Technology and Architecture & etc...

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