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    The prospect of a formal job interview may make you feel nervous, but with some advanced preparation, you can confidently communicate your values as a job candidate.
    One way to go for an interview is to form a list of descriptive and familiar vocabulary words from your field of employment, so you’ll elaborate on those concepts with personal details that will help you to explain your qualifications, skills, and unique personality traits.

    Framing your discussion around positive and aspirational words can help you portray confidence poise during an interview.
    Use some interview keywords and techniques so that you can create a better weightage to get selected.


    Presenting the simplest answers about yourself and your job experience & skills is merely a part of the method of preparing for an interview. It is also important to understand the corporate. You can start by reading its official communication, like the corporate website, social media, or press releases. Research the company’s history and core values, how it fits in the industry, and any charity or outreach work. Know the specifics of the work description so you’ll easily cite keywords and explain how your experience and skills fit the work.
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