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Industrial Automation Training

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    • What is automation
    • Necessity of automation
    • Types of Automation
    • Benefits of Automation
    • Introduction of Devices required in designing of automation systems
    • Basic controls used in industry: Types of switches/indicators, Basic circuits – series/parallel, Industrial Drawing, Motor Control, Sensors, Relay logic control circuits.

    PLC: Wiring, Programming – Logic commands, Arithmetic commands, Timer & Counter, Hardware interfacing to PLC, Factory Automation Exercises on Automation sandbox software – Factory IO.

    • Introduction to Industrial Automation
    • PLC programming & Troubleshooting
      • Allen Bradley
      • Siemens
      • Delta
      • Honeywell
      • OMRON
    • PLC Wiring/Installation

    SCADA: Screen designing & Controlling, Hands-on training in tag development. SCADA interfacing with sensor signals, to other software to PLC hardware to control the plant from a remote location.

    • SCADA Designing
    • SCADA – PLC Interfacing
    • Motors & drives
    • VFD panel configuration & Wiring
    • VFD- PLC Interfacing
    • HMI (Human Machine Interfacing)
    • HMI – VFD interfacing
    • HMI – PLC Interfacing
    • Panel designing
    • Hydraulic & Pneumatics
    • Motors and Drives: Commissioning, programming, maintenance, repairing & troubleshooting along with panel configuration and wiring. Interfacing with PLC. PLC – VFD Modbus, HMI – VFD Modbus.
    • Introduction to the stepper motor, Wiring Position control, Direction Control.
    • Introduction to Servo motor, wiring, Position Control, Direction Control.
    • HMI: Wiring, screen designing, controlling and monitoring, interfacing of HMI & PLC.