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    GD&T symbols are something more than you might know it goes beyond mathematics. Decisions and efficiencies in the entire supply chain are affected. GD&T certification is also an all-embracing philosophy that should be familiar to many people working in the field. With a 100% placement guarantee from Nettech India once you complete the course in GD & T basics you get placed with QUALITY CONTROL: Firstly, quality management systems should consider the principles of geometric proportions and tolerance as their main role is quality assurance. The part should fit with each other is one aspect of quality.


    MANUFACTURING: The persons involved in the actual manufacturing process should be aware of the GD&T standards and how to apply them. They can provide input if the part is difficult or expensive to make.

    DESIGN: Thirdly, people at the design stage must be aware of the GD&T standards. They should be aware of how to conduct a predictive and inferential tolerance analysis. Design engineers must learn how to interpret the results, including techniques such as tolerance stacking.


    Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance (GD&T) is the term used by symbols to define the nominal geometry of the component and the permissible variance tolerance. If properly applied, the design engineer may concisely define the position, size, shape, and orientation of the function of the component. At Nettech India, we offer classes for Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance (GD&T) Software Certification Training Courses in Thane, Mumbai & Navi Mumbai also offering a 100% placement guarantee. GD&T training is not intended as a complete replacement, but as an extension of the method of coordination dimensioning. GD&T is an acronym for alpha dimensioning and tolerance. It is a symbolic language on engineering drawing used by designers to express clearly the limits of production and tolerances. These data are expressed in the form of comments found in the design of the component. First, designers use GD&T’s specific syntax and grammar rules to encode data into a model. This replaces the long notes used to explain the table in the sketches in the past. We have a wide range of GD&T tolerances that allow designers to communicate dimensional constraints flexibly based on component requirements. Today, at Nettech India GD&T technique offers a comprehensive way of communicating all of the information needed for a component, including measurements, tolerances, geometry, finishes and other drawing information (revision, part number, etc).

    Course Objectives

    The GD&T training at Nettech India takes into account the role of a component and how the element interacts with associated components. You must also have an accurate understanding of the part’s role in an assembly to ensure proper implementation of GD&T symbols. We have a wide range of tolerances with GD&T that allow designers to communicate dimension limitations flexibly based on part requirements.

    While learning at Nettech India students will be able to:

    1. How to convey the configuration of engineering to all stakeholders: by mechanical drawings, from designers to producers.
    2. Provide a simple and informative technique for describing a part or assembly reference coordinate system to be used in the development and inspection processes.
    3. For manufacturing considerations, correct application of geometric dimensioning accepted and rational mechanical design method and design.