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Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer

Career opportunity after completing following course :

Web Designer, Web Developer, UI Designer, UI/UX Designer, UI/UX Designer and Developer, Responsive Web Designer, Web Architecture, Software Trainee.

Description :

An overview of the Full Stack Web Developer course

NetTech India’s Full stack web developer training makes you an expert in the field of back-end and front-end web technologies. The course includes training of Web development, jQuery, NodeJS, Express JS and MongDB. The curriculum is designed based on the extensive research. The course topics might vary and it may include HTML 5, CSS3,JavaSCript, Manipulation, Ajax, Google API, Jquery, forms, REST API, SPA, DOM Manipulation, Angular CLI, MVC Framework, EJS Template, Handlebars, NoSQL, Socket IO, Hapi, Mongo DB architecture, Schema Design, Data Modeling, indexing, to name a few.

What are perquisites for doing this Full stack web developer course in mumbai?

There is no specific prerequisite for doing this course. Whether you are an experienced professional working in the IT industry or an aspirant planning to enter into this field, this curse is designed for all. The candidate with prior experience in this field is welcome.

Why learn Full Stack?

Full stack web developers are the programmers who design the apps and websites. These web developers work on the different aspects of development, from front-end to back-end to database to debugging and testing. In short, the full stack web developer should understand and have technical knowledge on how to operate the app. This position is highly demanded in the market because of their expertise in handling multiple technologies. The full-stack web developer can easily create seamless products.

If you wish to master the field of web development, take this comprehensive full-stack web development course and power yourself to build enterprise- level application. The course will help you to create a website, web application, ERP- application, CRM tools and anything that runs on the internet.

After completion of the course

• You will be able to learn in-depth knowledge of front-end development.

• The full stack developer course in mumbai will help you to master the scalable backend applications.

• The course will help the students on how to deploy and manage applications related to cloud-based services.

What are the topics that will be included in the course?

There are several topics that will be included in the course like HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap.

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