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    Forensic investigation Career Opportunities & Placement:

    Experts in computer forensics are often found in the criminal justice system. They operate in a variety of private industries, including financial services, information technology, computing, network security, defence and many more. Professionals from Nettech India in the industry have aided in the capture of those involved in the illicit pornography trade. They’ve aided in the conviction of serial murderers. They’ve tracked down terrorists, identified missing persons, and discovered workers who were stealing millions of dollars from their employers. At Nettech India institute we believe in high-quality training. Digital Forensic Investigator Key Job Roles:

    • Cyber Forensic Investigator
    • Forensic Analyst, Senior
    • Digital Forensics Analyst-Mid-Level
    • Senior Digital Forensics and Incident Response
    • Senior Consultant, Digital Forensics
    • Security Analyst (Blue Team) – Forensic investigation
    • Senior Associate-Forensic Services-Forensic Technology Solutions
    • Cybersecurity Forensics Consultant
    • Computer Forensic Technician
    • Digital Forensics Analyst
    • Senior Principle
    • Digital Forensics
    • Security Forensics Analyst (SOC)
    • Digital Forensics A
    • And many more…

    Forensic investigation Course Introduction :

    Cyber criminals seem to be everywhere these days. They operate in the dark depths of the internet, defrauding people, hacking, cheating, and hiding from authorities in total secrecy. Cyber criminals are wreaking havoc, according to Wired, by launching ransomware attacks, stealing data, and even disrupting day-to-day government operations. The area of digital forensics in cyber security is exciting because it has a direct impact on people’s lives all over the country and the world. A Digital Forensics Investigator is someone who wants to trace the trail of evidence and digitally solve a crime. Consider a security breach at a business that results in data theft. In this case, a computer forensic expert will investigate how the attackers gained access to the network, how they navigated it, and what they did while there, such as stealing data or planting malware. At Nettech India institute you will learn how to conduct forensic investigations on Unix/Linux and Windows systems using various file systems. You’ll be led through forensic protocols and given the opportunity to review and interpret forensic reports.Nettech India is a leading training center that offers Forensic investigation Course in Thane, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai region also offering a 100% gob guarantee.

    Forensic investigation Course Objectives :

    The concepts and techniques of digital forensics analysis, as well as the range of available computer forensics resources, are covered in this course. You’ll learn about basic forensic techniques for ensuring the evidence is admissible in court, as well as the legal and ethical consequences. The terms “computer security” and “computer investigation” are becoming more and more interchangeable. Every day, new techniques for computer crime, digital forensics, computer investigations, and even standard computer data recovery are developed. The CHFI (Computer hacking forensic investigation ) curriculum from Nettech India will teach students how to perform computer investigations using cutting-edge digital forensics technologies.