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    Ethereum is a programmable blockchain. It’s a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts. Instead of recording transactions on the ledger, it keeps the record of packet snippets. You can create your token, create a Dapp, and start your autonomous organization (DAO) on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum was a college project by 19-year-old boy Vitalik Buterin in 2013. Ethereum is the first cryptocurrency to successfully implement “Smart Contracts”. Ethereum raised 18.4 million $ in ICO and the rest is history. Today, Ethereum Blockchain hosts more than 90% of new tokens on its platform.


    Nettech India is offering an Ethereum blockchain course and is located in Thane, Navi Mumbai, and Mumbai, which also provides a 100% placement guarantee. Smart contracts are designed to exchange money, property, shares, tokens, or any other asset without any conflict and middleman. Smart contracts can be implemented using blockchain using programmable scripts. A smart contract is a code that lives on a blockchain and can be modified with the permission of the stakeholders. Smart contracts are simply computer programs that can execute predefined conditions within the system. Decentralized apps are built on the application layer of the blockchain. Not all blockchains support smart.


    “Ethereum Solidity Smart Contracts” course offered by Nettech India is designed for people who want to learn smart contract development on Ethereum Blockchain. Smart Contracts is going to be a 1 Trillion $ industry by 2030.

    Prerequisites : Basics of Programming Courses

    Beginner : Certified Blockchain Expert(for General Audience), Blockchain for Business Executives(for Business Executives, Lawyers, Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Analyst), Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Expert(for Traders, and Investors) and many more..

    Intermediate : Ethereum Solidity Smart Contract(for Developers) and many more..

    Advance : Enterprise Blockchain – Hyperledger Fabric(for Developers) and many more..

    Course Outcome

    After completing this course from Nettech India, a person will be able to build decentralized applications using Solidity Smart Contract on Ethereum Blockchain.