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    Career Opportunities & Placement

    100% of the top 10 corporations depend on ETAP in electrical architecture (ECM Magazine).
    User recommendations make up 95% of the app functionality. Of the top 10 electrical construction businesses, 80 percent have multiple ETAP licenses. 75% of our sales is reinvested in product research and development.Once you complete ETAP course from Nettech India you will be placed as:

    • Technology consultancy for power plants.
    • Process Industries: Oil and Natural Gas, Chemical industry, Cement industry, Pulp & Paper industry.
    • Power and Energy: Generating, Different, Renewable, Smart Grid, and Micro grid.
    • Industrial: Metals and Mining, Manufacturing, Shipping.
    • Critical mission: Data centers, operations centers, emergency facilities.
    • And many More..


    Etap is powerful software designed to simulate, analyzing and designing power systems. Etap has a very wide range of abilities, including load flow analysis, flash arc, protection coordination studies, cable pulling, wire ampacity analysis and more. Since Etap has all the functions required for electrical studies integrated, it is preferred over other software packages. Nettech India is a leading ETAP training center near you located in Thane, Mumbai, and Navi Mumbai also providing a 100% placement guarantee. The course is designed specifically to cover all Etap software. Candidates with expertise in power system simulation packages are now being pursued by industry. The knowledge provided by Nettech India in Etap to simulate power systems can help students acquire positions in the electricity sector. It is fully interactive and enables you to change the one-line diagram, conduct system studies, and review graphically. You will be able to explore ETAP’s various features and capacities including charging flow, short-circuit engine acceleration, and many more.

    Course Objectives

    For their toughest projects, more power systems specialists trust Nettech India ETAP training. Only ETAP course would help users to track and forecast energy systems successfully and cost-effectively by integrating them with real-time data and using their ETAP original design model. ETAP is the biggest power system development company in all meaningful measure… and the only software supplier that is trustworthy in its most challenging programs. Training Features at Nettech India are as follows:

    • A job-oriented training program based on current demand from the industry.
    • Training based on the EPC project.
    • Expert and Experienced Faculty from the Industry.
    • Interview Preparation and Mock Sessions Interview.
    • Provision of technical drawing, documents and case study materials, and all materials for formation.
    • Providing all materials for training and technical drawings, documents, and materials for a case study.