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    Hyperledger is an open-source project to advance blockchain technology through industries. It is a global collaboration between participants from different industries and organizations, hosted by The Linux Foundation. A host of enterprise-ready applications is available for Hyperledger. Under the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger was founded with a long and very effective history of nurturing open source projects under open governance that create strong sustainable communities and thriving ecosystems. Hyperledger is governed by a diverse technical steering committee and the Hyperledger Fabric project by a diverse set of maintainers from multiple organizations. Since its earliest undertakings, it has a production network of more than 35 organizations, including almost 200 developers. Nettech India is a leading Hyperledger Fabric training center near your location.



    Hyperledger Fabric is an Open-Source company-grade DLT platform designed for use in business contexts that offers certain major differentiating capabilities over other common DLT or blockchain platforms. The fabric has a flexible and configurable architecture that enables creativity, flexibility, and optimization for a wide range of applications in the industry, including banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, human resources, the supply chain, and even the distribution of digital music. Hyperledger Fabric was the first code-based proposal to merge past work performed by Digital Asset Holdings, the Libconsensus of Blockstream, and the OpenBlockchain of IBM. Hyperledger Fabric offers a modular architecture that allows plug-and-play modules, such as consensus and membership services. Nettech India offers an Hyperledger Fabric course and is based in Thane, Navi Mumbai, and Mumbai, which also has a 100% placement guarantee.

    Hyperledger Fabric is groundbreaking in enabling organizations to execute sensitive transactions without supplying information by a central body. Fabric is the first distributed ledger platform to support intelligent contracts written in programming languages such as Java, Go, and Node.js for general purposes rather than limited domain-specific languages (DSL). This means that many companies still do not need extra training for learning a new language or DSL to establish intelligent contracts. In this training, we will learn how Hyperledger Fabric operates and develop a Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain application.

    Prerequisites : Basics of Golang, Node.js Courses

    Beginner : Certified Blockchain Professional, Blockchain for Company Leaders, Attorneys, Investors, Developers, and Analysts, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Experts (for Traders, and investors) and many more..

    Intermediate : Ethereum Solidity Smart Contract(for Developers) and many more..

    Advance : Enterprise Blockchain – Hyperledger Fabric(for Developers) and many more..


    After completing Hyperledger course from Nettech India institute, you will understand the hyperactive ledger ecosystem and you will be able to build an enterprise-grade Hyper ledger Fabric application.