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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing has become the best way to nurture prospects, engage customers and to drive referral business. It has become an important component of company’s marketing tool. Though it is traditional, but it works. All you need to do is to send e-mail to your clients in order to foster and bridge the relationship with them. The examples of e-mail marketing include sending newsletters, magazines, automated e-mails or special offer to your clients.

Course Details

Net Tech email marketing training course will train you on the different aspects of advanced email marketing strategies. The training course will cover the different features of e-mail marketing like-email metrics, landing pages, blacklists, spam, marketing, automation, etc. Our course will help you to boost your career and provide you the fundamental skills to perk your

marketing career path. The major objectives of the course are:-

  •  To learn how to drive more traffic towards your brand, including brand visibility
  •  Understand the details about effective e-mail marketing campaign
  •  Learn how to create e-mail list and campaigns
  •  Generate high number of subscribers towards the brand
  •  How to use email marketing to build brand loyalty
  •  Learn about the fundamentals of e-mail marketing
  •  Gain expertise and knowledge about how to expand your brand globally
  •  Learn the art of sending messages in a bulk
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Course Goal-

The e-mail marketing certification course ensures that a candidate gains expertise on e-mail marketing. At the end of the session, the students will be able to implement e-mail marketing campaigns effectively to achieve the business goal. They will be able to improve the conversions of the brand through email marketing channel.

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