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E-Commerce Design and Development

E-Commerce Design and Development

The digital e-commerce market has crossed USD 50 billion in value by the end of fiscal year 2018. In this growing world of the internet and increasing mobile penetration, e-commerce has witnessed unprecedented growth. The subject involves studying of various aspects of internet marketing.

E-commerce website development is focused about developing such platforms. Web Developers who are acquainted with web design and related concepts are required to develop such sites. The developers need to be knowledgeable on how to develop secure browsing platform. The courses offered by us are highly focused and offers in-depth professional training to prepare students for web designing and web development.

Course Objective

As the job market is continuing to be intense and competitive, it has become necessary to acquire advanced level knowledge and training on the various aspects of web development so that you can qualify for the job. This course helps the students to prepare according to the industry needs. Our course curriculum helps you to build career in different tracks.

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Why Net Tech?

Net Tech India is one of the reputed institutes located in Thane that offers professional training in the field of web development and e-commerce website development. Here, the students will learn how to create dynamic e-commerce website from scratch which are mobile friendly too. Our course content is expertly researched and includes the curriculum that is not only specific and relevant but also responsive to the market needs. The rationale behind the launch of this course is to make the students job friendly. The course will definitely take your career to the next level. It is specifically designed for the beginners, intermediate and expert level students. This futuristic curse will help you to know the details about coding, responsive websites built on Bootstrap framework. We will offer you hands-on tutorial with practical lab sessions so that you can build a solid career base.

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