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Diploma in Full Stack Development


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    The Full Stack Development (FSD) methodology contains both the front end and back end of software. A Full Stack Developer may create both the front end and the back end of the product, including designing, programming, and maintaining databases, as needed to do this. Development of full-stack applications involves two essential components front end and backend’s construction.


    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JQUERY
    • PHP
    • MYSQL




    • Overview of HTML5

    • The Canvas API

    • Understanding Geolocation API

    • Working with Forms API

    • Communications API in HTML5

    • Working with WebSockets

    • Working with Web Workers

    • Wing with Drag-and-Drop

    • Using Storage APIs

    • Offline Web Applications with HTML5


      And More….

    • Introduction to CSS3

    • Basic Selector

    • Working with Sizes, Colors, and Files

    • Styling Text

    • Web Fonts

    • Background, Borders, and Shadows

    • Gradients without Images

    • Advanced Selectors

    • Lists and Navigation Menus

    • Exploring Generated Content

    • Transforms and Transitions

    • Animating Elements with Key Frames

    • Styling Tables

    • Elements Positioning

      And More…

    • Introduction to JavaScript,

    • Introduction to web development and JavaScript,

    • How to create a JavaScript application,

    • How to test and debug a JavaScript, application, XHTML, CSS,

    • How to get input and displays output,

    • How to work with numbers, strings, dates,

    • How to code control statements,

    • How to create and use an array,

    • How to create and use the function,

    • How to create and use objects,

    • How to use regular expressions, handle exceptions and validate data dom Scripting, Basic DOM scripting, Advanced event handling, Advanced DOM manipulation

      And More…





    • The jQuery Basics and managing the Element Selection.

    • Manipulating the DOM. Manipulating the Elements.

    • Working with Events.

    • Using jQuery Effects.

    • Working with Data and Ajax.

    • Using DataTemplates.

    • Working with Forms.

    • Using jQuery UI.

    • Button, Progress Bar, and Slider Widgets, Autocomplete and
      Accordion Widgets, Tabs Widget, Datepicker Widget, Dialog Widget,


      And More…

    • Introduction of PHP

    • Control statements

    • Strings and Numbers

    • Work with dates

    • Create and use Arrays

    • Create and use functions

    • Work with cookies and sessions

    • Work with form data

    • Use regular expressions, handle exceptions, and validate data

    • Design a database

    • data structure

      And More….

    • Introduction of MYSQL

    • Use SQL to create a MySQL database

    • Use SQL to work with a MySQL database

    • PHP for working with MySQL

    • PHP with a MySQL database

    • Working with PHP services

    • MVC pattern to organize your code

    • Object-oriented Programming concept with PHP

    • Test and debug a PHP application

    • A database-driven website

    • Send email and access other websites

      And More….

    • Introduction
    • What is Bootstrap?
    • Features of Bootstrap
    • History of Bootstrap Bootstrap Overview
    • Bootstrap Installation
    • Tools Used for Web Development
    • Setting Development Environment
    • Bootstrap First Application
    • Bootstrap Components Overview
    • Basic Typography
    • Text Alignment & Display
    • Floats Position in Bootstrap
    • Colors Background
    • Spacing in Bootstrap
    • Sizing in Bootstrap


    And More…