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Diploma in Data Analytics


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    Data analytics is a discipline that involves analysing data sets to obtain information that can be used to solve problems in numerous areas to provide accurate data analytics. It makes use of many academic fields, including computer programming, statics, and mathematics.

    And also we can say that.

    Data analytics can be used to define, predict or improve organisational performance. They accomplish this by describing, Predicting and solving current and future problems using advanced data management techniques such as data modelling, data mining, data transformation, and etc.


    • Python
    • SQL
    • Tableau
    • Power Bi
    • Advanced Excel




    • Introduction to Python

    • Python Interpreter

    • Basics of Python

    • Control Flow

    • Functions

    • Modules

    • Package

    • Numeric Types

    • String

    • List

    • Tuple

      And More….

    • Introduction to Oracle Database

    • Retrieve Data using the SQL SELECT Statement

    • Learn to Restrict and Sort Data

    • Usage of Single-Row Functions to Customize Output

    • Conditional Expressions

      And More….

    • Tableau And Data Visualization
    • Tableau And Data Connections
    • Data Organization
    • Advanced Data Preparation And Analytics In Tableau

      And More….

    Power Bi

    Advanced Excel

    • Introduction of Power BI Complete

    • Module 1: Power Query
      Introduction to Power Query
      Extract, Transform & Load

    • Module 2: Power Pivot
      Power BI Data Modeling
      Relationship View

    • Module 3: Power View
      Report View / Power View

    • Module 4: Power BI Service
      Power BI Service Introduction

      And More….

    • Multiple Level Subtotal Reports
    • Filtering Database & Sorting Data
    • Securing & Protecting Worksheet
    • Linking Multiple Sheets
    • 3D Reference in Excel
    • Sheet Referencing
    • Dynamic Linking Word/Excel/Powerpoint
    • Function H lookup V lookup Lookup
    • X Lookup Dynamic H lookup V lookup
    • What if-if-analysis


    And More….