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    First time in India NetTech coaching center has brought up professional and academic training
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    Net Tech India is located in Thane, Mumbai (W). It provides high quality learning experience in the field of IT training, which is a quantum leap for our students who are at the moment getting academic and professional training together.
    We provide our students with the academic and professional training simultaneously, which includes the knowledge, skills and the experience for operating as an expert in a particular field or area of specialization. Industrial training is also provided to our students in our institute.


    Net Tech India adds multiple benefits to your career. We provide the students with wide knowledge of academic and professional .Our students are getting on floor Industrial trainings, which expose them to the real work environment experience and to gain the knowledge through hand on observation and execution at the same time.

    NetTech India provides multiple university syllabuses which add more value to our students profile for their future choices. We also work on the students’ personality development by the organized patterns of behavior that makes each person unique over the time.


    • Helps in enhancing professional credibility.
    • Builds confidence and professional attitude.
    • Develop professional competence while being a student.
    • Exposure to the real work environment.
    • Career growth with higher pay & position.
    • Open the doors to new opportunities for students.
    • Improved efficiency of the students.
    • Helps prepare students for the global stage.
    • We focus mainly on practical knowledge.

    Why NetTech India?

    • Expert Faculty
    • Study Materials
    • Blended Training
    • Global Certification
    • Placement Training
    • Free Demo Lectures
    • Project Development
    • Interview Preparations
    • Industrial On-floor Training
    • 100% Guaranteed Placements
    • Practical Training on Live Projects

    Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

    The purpose of offering a Diploma in ME course is to provide education and training to students who can work as professionals in industries and production companies in future.

    Net Tech India, prepare our students with the application of techniques and technologies in the workplace. Students can opt for this course after completing their class 10th. It is also referred to as polytechnic in Mechanical engineering courses.

    Diploma in Civil Engineering

    Net Tech India teaches students to plan, design, execute and maintain structural works like bridges, building, roads and other infrastructural projects. Students can opt for this course after 10th class. We focus on the major learning of the students on team spirit and working with the groups to achieve the common objective.

    Diploma in Electronic and Telecommunication

    The core concept of this course is to understand electronic networks and devices, electromagnetic fields, computer fundamentals, communication and control systems. It is a three year course with eligibility criteria of 10+2 qualified.

    Net Tech India prepare the students with the skills of critical thinking, aptitude for math, communication skills, strong IT skills, time management and problem solving skills etc

    Diploma in Electronics and Computer Science

    This course is designed for the students who wish to opt for a computer science course after class 10th. It includes knowledge of computer science, electronics concepts.

    We help our students to acquire proper skills and knowledge to become an IT professional in future

    Diploma in Electrical Engineering

    This course basically deals with the electrical elements and devices which need to generate electricity from different methods such as windmills, nuclear power plants.

    Net Tech India helps the students to gain the knowledge in the power system, computer system and the market for the electronic goods for their good career scope.

    BE/B.Tech Civil Engineering

    Civil engineering is an exciting profession because at the end of the day you can see the result of your work whether it is a complete bridge, a high rise building, a subway station or a hydroelectric dam.

    Civil engineering is the oldest engineering discipline. In NetTech India, civil engineering is a domain of studies that offers opportunities for quick appraisal in a student’s career. Student’s hard work comes as an advantage for them as it helps them expand their network considerably.

    BE/B.Tech Electronics and Telecommunication

    In electronics and telecommunication, we provide our students with a lot of understanding of basic science and engineering concepts so that learners may acquire full knowledge of computer architecture and microprocessors.

    It deals with the study of fundamental electronics, communication protocol, technologies, software and essential subjects for a career in telecommunication.

    BE/B.Tech Electrical Engineering

    Electrical engineering is a popular engineering course pursued by millions of aspirants every year. It comprises the study and application of electricity and electronics to process information and transmit energy.

    In NetTech India, we teach our students analytical, technical and design skills to understand various applications of electricity and electronics.