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    Career Opportunities & Placement

    Once you have completed your course from Nettech India there are many Career Opportunities for Creo in India in the field of R&D engineer, Developer Mechanical, Mechanical designer, Fresher for Creo /Ansys, Lead developer PLM, Developer, Lead developer of the PLM project. Design engineer – I believe- Casting. CREO. Project engineer. Nettech India offers a Creo/ProE software Training Course and is based in Thane, Navi Mumbai and Mumbai, which also has a 100% placement guarantee.



    The Creo/ProE software Training Course is offered by Nettech India, which is located in Thane, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. The Creo Simulation Program allows you to simulate structural and thermal loads on product analysis models. Creo developed by PTC, is a family of computer-aided design (CAD) apps that support discrete product design. It offers the largest range of strong, but versatile 3D CAD capabilities for speeding up the design of components and assemblies, each with its distinct user position in product development. Creo/ProE Parametric is the industry’s best and most versatile 3D modeling program. Developers have developed Creo Parametric as sound foundation software that enables users to extend the more profound functions of each part. As the engineering of your products gets more complicated, Creo/ProE offers increased abilities to fulfill your requirements.

    Course Objectives

    At Nettech India, we empower students and engineers to take a different perspective by presenting new ways of thinking about design iterations and exploring them. We are not teaching Creo/ProE, we are teaching ways to think. The passionate and knowledgeable faculty has decades’ experience in design and engineering. We can share unique ways to solve problems by overcoming the Creo/ProE software, and immersing in design issues, enable you to learn fast, efficiently and make an enjoyable learning experience easier. Creo/ProE software is a 3D CAD parametric program running on Microsoft Windows that features solid modeling, 3D direct modeling, 2D orthogonal views, finite element analysis and simulation, schemes, technical diagrams, and visualization.
    The students will work on a real-life/living project consisting of reverse engineering, feature evaluation, 3D models and drawings. This exercise will make their thinking more positive.