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Corporate Training Facility

Nettech India located in Thane, Mumbai & New Mumbai, offers the most modern comfortable & attractive Networking, Software ,Digital Marketing, Industrial Automation and Embedded Training Venue in Mumbai.If you're looking for a best and effective training venue! You have come to the right place.

NetTech India's first targeted for the corporate client, NetTech India’s training solutions cover a wide range Networking, Software and other IT technology courses. In keeping with our mission, we aim to provide training venue as a solutions that enable our client to increase the core competencies, and therefore, increase the overall productivity of the organization.

NetTech India training venue is the Solutions known for using its specialization and expertise to impart training to the corporate IT world. NetTech India training facility and the setup is one among the best in the Mumbai, training venue state-of-art facilities with high-end servers and CCIE racks, with power backups and lab support. Apart from training, we take care of the entire Training Delivery Process which includes Services like Parking, LCD TV, White Boards,Industry Standard high end server latest and updated Router,switches, Firewall and PC with latest software apart from monitoring the Trainees, via tests, timely practical’s and hands-on projects, during the course of the training delivery.

NetTech India offers a full of networking and software training venue to help you accomplish your business goals where you can conduct all networking & software training Like CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, JNCIA, JNCIP, JNCIE, MCITP, REDHAT Ethical Hacking, C,C++, R-Language, Java, DotNet, Oracle, Android, Hadoop, Python, Software Testing, Digital Marketing, Industrial Automation, Embedded System, Web Design and Web Development. We've helped thousand of companies just like yours plan and improves their networking and Software training events. As the industry's leading training provider of IT education facilities and delivery services, NetTech India offers flexible, scalable and customizable meeting and training venue. NetTech India can help you deliver a superior training or meeting that your attendees will always remember.

Our experience and full range of solutions have made us the networking and Software training of choice for companies all over the world.

• NetTech India’s is equipped with advanced networking technology infrastructure and impeccable training service. Training Venue is equipped with Advance networking device like Cisco Router & switches, CUCM, IP Phone, , IPS, Juniper Routers, Switches, Firewall, 64bits Server Sunx4100, IBM, HP Etc. This provides more productivity for a long training meeting.

• NetTech India’s unique networking training venue is perfect for small and medium groups looking to host a small networking Training in Mumbai.

NetTech India networking learning Center gives a best and cost effective solution to conduct your training.

Quality Training :

Net Tech India provide you multiple routers and switches which are so compatible that it enables our students to understand the concepts better.

Our vast infrastructure provides students a lot of scopes for self practice long after their courses are over. Location wise also Net tech India is located near Thane Railway station and Bus Depot which is easily accessible from all parts of the city and suburbs.

The faculty team is also very flexible and certified and has expertise in networking field for considerable time. And we also have their proven track records.

Our Valuable Corporate Client


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