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Cisco Firewall

The word firewall commonly describes systems or devices that are placed between a trusted and an untrusted network. Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance – ASA is a combination of State Full & VPN concentrator. Cisco ASA support IPSec, SSL PPTP protocols for VPN We can divide an appliance into many virtual appliances these virtual appliances are call virtual firewall or security context.

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What You Can Learn:

• Technology and features of the Cisco ASA

• Cisco ASA product family

• Prepare the security appliance for configuration via the Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM)

• Launch and navigate ASDM

• Perform essential security appliance configuration using ASDM and the CLI

• Integrate the ASA with Cisco Secure ACS for TACACS+ command authorization

• Integrate the ASA with Cisco Secure ACS for RADIUS network access control

• Configure auto and manual network address translation (NAT)

• Configure access policy based on the Global Access Control List (ACL)

• Configure access policy based on interface ACLs

• Use object groups to simplify ACL complexity and maintenance

• Use the Modular Policy Framework to provide unique policies to specific data flows

• Handle advanced protocols with application inspection

• Deep packet inspection of application layer traffic

• Configure access control based on authenticated users

• Configure the security appliance to run in transparent firewall mode

• Enable, configure, and manage multiple contexts to meet security policy requirements

• Select and configure the type of failover that best suits the network topology

• Monitor and manage an installed security appliance & etc...

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