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    NetTech India a leading Networking and Software training institute presents the Check point IPS certification course in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane also provides a 100% placement guarantee. We assure you of quality training in Check point certification by conducting hands-on training sessions and mentoring sessions. Our proficient staff puts lots of effort into making you acquainted with the basic to advance level concepts of check point IPS course in an easy manner.


    What is Check point IPS ?

    Check Point Intrusion Prevention System or IPS adds another layer of security after the Check Point Firewall. Difference is while the Firewall lets you block users based on source, the IPS analyses incoming traffic in detail to determine whether it is a threat to your network or not. It protects both the servers as well as the clients and limits the usage of certain applications.
    With advancements in IPS technology, it is now possible to provide a multi-layered network security apparatus that is now capable of superb detection of both known and unknown threats. It also allows a tremendous amount of deployment flexibility as well as super smooth performance.

    What you can learn from Check point IPS course ?

    In Check point IPS certification training at Nettech India in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane, one can learn the following topics;

    1. IPS Overview.
    2. Basic IPS Knowledge.
    3. Creation, activation and management of profiles.
    4. Adding IPS software Blade gateways.
    5. Using the Smart View Tracker and monitoring events throughit.
    6. HTTPS Inspection using both the Smart View Tracker and the Smart Event & etc.