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    NetTech India, a leading IT training institute, offers a Checkpoint training course in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane also provides a 100% placement guarantee. We provide quality Checkpoint training to candidates by our well-experienced and certified staff.

    What is Check Point?

    – Checkpoints are most regularly used to make backups before directing updates. Should an update fall flat or cause issues, the administrator can give back the virtual machine to its state preceding the update. The recuperate activity is utilized to give back the framework to the checkpoint state.

    – Check Point provides a broad range of education programs, proficient certifications, and self-study assets built in-house with security specialists from Check Point. Training can be obtained from our global system of Approved Training Centres (ATC).

    Check Point Certifications from Nettech India mean aptitude with the innovation that secures the web for all Fortune and Global 100 organizations. The advantages of getting CheckPoint certified incorporate the aptitudes to a backing and offer CheckPoint items, 2-year master access to our Secure Knowledge database, and propelled item documentation.

    – Together with our Certified Training Centers, we provide IT security professionals who send and oversee Check Point Security arrangements with far-reaching advanced training and certificates.

    Check Point’s CCSA certification gives system and IT security experts the learning and skill to design VPN – 1 as an Internet security solution and virtual private network (VPN) that safely associates corporate workplaces and telecommuters, ensuring information exchange and conceding access to network assets.


    Who can opt for a Checkpoint training course at Nettech India?

    The Checkpoint training course at Nettech India in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane can be opted by,

    • The students who are new to Checkpoint firewall and hoping to grow their aptitude sets in network and security space.
    • Applicants ought to have fundamental understudying on IP addressing, routing, and switching technologies.

    What will the students learn from the Checkpoint course?

    After Completion of this Checkpoint course from Nettech India, candidates will have the capacity to:

    1. Explain the elements and favorable circumstances of the checkpoint firewall architecture.
    2. Perform a detailed and advanced firewall configuration, including:

     – At NetTech we assure you of high-end training by providing you with the checkpoint certification course with mentoring sessions, hands-on practical sessions, and small quizzes. Our staff is very friendly with the candidates and also provides them with a helping hand whenever required. Our Checkpoint training course near your location is designed according to real-world needs which enables you to achieve a bright future in this field.

    Check Point IPS Training

    NetTech India a leading Networking and Software training institute presents the Check point IPS certification course in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane also provides a 100% placement guarantee. We assure you of quality training in Check point certification by conducting hands-on training sessions and mentoring sessions. Our proficient staff puts lots of effort into making you acquainted with the basic to advanced level concepts of check point IPS course in an easy manner.

    What is Check point IPS?

    Check Point Intrusion Prevention System or IPS adds another layer of security after the Check Point Firewall. Difference is while the Firewall lets you block users based on source, the IPS analyses incoming traffic in detail to determine whether it is a threat to your network or not. It protects both the servers as well as the clients and limits the usage of certain applications.
    With advancements in IPS technology, it is now possible to provide a multi-layered network security apparatus that is now capable of superb detection of both known and unknown threats. It also allows a tremendous amount of deployment flexibility as well as super smooth performance.

    What you can learn from Check point IPS course?

    In Check point IPS certification training at Nettech India in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane, one can learn the following topics;

    • IPS Overview
    • Basic IPS Knowledge
    • Creation, activation and management of profiles
    • Adding IPS software Blade gateways
    • Using the Smart View Tracker and monitoring events through it
    • HTTPS Inspection using both the Smart View Tracker and the Smart Event & etc.
    • And many more..

    Checkpoint Firewall

    NetTech India a leading Networking and software training institute that offers Checkpoint firewall certification courses in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane also provides a 100% placement guarantee. Our certified and experienced staff puts in efforts to enable you to achieve certification in a Checkpoint firewall course . At NetTech, mentoring sessions and hands-on training sessions are held to provide you with a better understanding of Checkpoint Firewall course.

    What is a Checkpoint firewall?

    – Checkpoint was created for administrative flexibility, network exploitation as well as critical accessibility. It has a three-layer structure and works on the basic principle of network security and management. This forms the very base of the Software Blade Architecture of Check Point. Firewalls are at the very heart of network security and communication between internal and external networks is also monitored.

    – This is where Check Point Software comes in. It forms a set of security parameters that ensures that the security management server performs correctly. It is a new next-gen security feature that protects the security server and creates a smooth flow of web traffic without any hindrance.

    What are the features of Checkpoint software blade architecture?

    – The features of Check Point Software Blade Architecture are as follows,

    • Mobile and VPN connectivity.
    • Smooth internet access and filtering.
    • Identity and computer awareness.
    • Prevention of unwanted intrusion and other similar threats.
    • Prevention of loss of data.
    • Application Control.
    • And many more..

    What you can learn in the Checkpoint certification course?

    – In Checkpoint certification course at Nettech India in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane, one can learn,

    • An overview of Check Point Software and How it works.
    • Platforms for its deployment and overall security policies.
    • Traffic and connection monitoring.
    • Network Address Translation.
    • User Management as well as Authentication.
    • Use of Smart Update.
    • Identity Awareness Implementation.
    • VPN Tunnel Configuration.
    • Ways to resolve security administration issues & etc..
    • And many more..
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