Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator (CCSA)

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    – At NetTech India located in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane we give you an opportunity to study a professional worldwide certification in CCSA (Checkpoint Cisco Certified Security Administration) NGX, which is highly recommended for day-to-day operations of Checkpoint security solutions, also the network that contains some operations like creation and installation of Security policies, log in and application of NAT operating security.

    – We provide our student Checkpoint CCSA study guide to practice for Checkpoint CCSA Exam. This checkpoint is broadly classified into two categories namely CCSA NGX, CCSE.


    What is included in CCSA NGX course training?

    The CCSA NGX certification course provides you knowledge about,

    • Creating and modifying rules for Security policy’s properties.
    • Using advanced NGX technology to reduce the burden of management of information security.
    • Using monitoring tools to track, monitor, account for connection logged by checkpoint components, protection of network from network attack using Smart Defense.
    • It also covers the chapter on user login verification into NGX using NGX authentication skills.
    • It includes operations such as essential Security Gateways and intelligent centre servers files and directories.
    • Net Tech India provides hands-on training on :
        1. 1. installation of VPN-1 NGX, Launching Smart Dashboard.
        1. 2. Configuration of anti-spoofing measures.
        1. 3 .Configuration of Hide and static NAT.
        1. 4. Configuration User and Client Authentication.
        1. 5. Blocking intruder connections.
        1. 6. Checking status in Smart View Monitor.
        1. 7. It also includes the backup and restoration of the Smart Center Server and a Checkpoint Security Gateway.


    Candidates having basic OS knowledge and Networking knowledge can opt for this course.