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    Career opportunity after completing following course :

    • Network Engineers
    • Solution Network Architect
    • Networking Administrators
    • Networking Specialists
    • Network Support Specialists
    • Network Consultants
    • System Engineers
    • Network Architecture consultant
    • Network Professional.
    • And many More..

    CCIE Security Certification

    CCIE Security certification validates your capability in complex security solution. To earn this degree, you need to pass two qualifying exams: one that covers the core security technology and provides practical examination that covers security technology and solutions related to entire network lifecycle, starting from designing and deploying to optimizing to operating. CCIE Security Certification is industry’s most reputed CCIE Certification program and helps you to scale ahead.

    CCIE Security Certification Exam Overview

    To earn CCIE security badge, you need to pass two examinations: a qualifying exam and hands-on lab exam.

    Firstly, you need to take the qualifying exam, implementing and operating CISCO Security Core Technology that focuses on knowledge related to security infrastructure.

    • You can prepare the exam by undergoing a CCIE Security training course, implementing and operating Cisco Security Core Technology.
    • The qualifying exam will earn a specialist certification, you will get recognized for your accomplishment.

    Secondly, you need to take 8 hour examination, hands-on lab examination. This exam covers end-to-end lifecycle related to complex security solution and technology.

    Recommended Training

    Step 1- The first step is to take the exam 350-701 SCOR

    Step 2- Take the practical examination

    Recent changes in the program

    On Feb 24, 2020, the new CCIE Security Certification exam will replace the current CCIE security v 5.0. If you have already started towards the present CCIE Security Certification program, go ahead. In the new program, you’ll get the credit for the work that you have done as per the current certification. If you already cleared CCIE Security v5.0 written examination before February 24, you will be eligible to take the latest CCIE Security lab examination after February 24. After February 24, the CCIE Security written exam will be substituted by SCOR 350-701. Once you complete SCOR 350-701, you will learn CISCO certified Specialist- Security Core Certification.

    If you finish CCIE Security certification before February 24, then you will be qualified as per the new recertification guidelines, and you will get the Cisco Certified Specialist- Security Core Certification. Net Tech offers high-quality CCIE Security training for this exam.

    Eligibility Criteria for CCIE Security Certification

    There is no formal eligibility criterion for CCIE Security exam, but you should have deep understanding of the exam topics.
    CCIE candidates need to be backed by five to seven years of experience in the field of designing, deploying, optimizing, security technology and offer solutions before taking the exam.
    NetTech India is software and hardware training institute which offers best CCNA, CCNP and CCIE Training in Mumbai and Thane. Our CCIE Service Provider Course will definitely help you to clear exam of CCIE Service Provider Certification.

    CCIE Security Lab Exam Topics :

    CCIE Security Certification Exam Overview

    The first date to undertake this test is February 24, 2020. It is 8 hours practical examination that will check the candidate’s skills related to network lifecycle, including designing, deploying and optimizing complex networking. This exam will include 2 modules that will be delivered in a fixed sequence.

    It will include two different modules

    Module 1- Design- It includes examination of 3 hours

    Module 2- Deploy, Operate and Optimize- It includes examination of 5 hours

    The examination will include varied topics like automation, network programmability; all these are important topics of this module. The candidate will be tested on different technology and solutions through both the modules. While both the modules are different from each other, there is a progressive story line that will be built throughout the 8 hours lab practical exam. The candidate is not allowed to navigate back and forward between the modules.

    Module 1- Design :

    It is exam duration of 3 hours.

    The goal of this module is to analyze the ability to create, analyze and validate the network designs which forms the base of deployment activities. The candidate needs to :-

    • Understand the different capabilities of different technology, solutions and services.
    • Understand the customer requirements and transform into solution.
    • Understand the readiness and offer the proposed solution for the same.

    It is a scenario-based module that provides practical access to the devices. The candidate will be offered with a set of documents before answering the questions. The examples of documentation include email threads, high-level design, network topology diagrams, customer restrictions, etc. The example of web-based items includes drag and drop, multiple choice single answer, multiple choice multiple answer, drop down menus, etc. During this module the navigation will be disabled. The candidates will not have any visibility to different questions within the module. The point value related to each item will be displayed on the module.

    Module 2- Deploy, Operate and Optimize :

    It is a test of 5 hours. In this module, the candidates need to operate and optimize network technology and solutions.

    Deploy– In this module, the candidate will need to build network as per the design specification, customer requirement and restriction. All the steps are required for network implementation will be covered under this subject including configuring, integrating and troubleshooting the commissioning of technology as per the exam topics.

    Operate and Optimize– In this, the candidate will be asked to operate and optimize the network technology and solutions. This includes monitoring the network health, network performance, and configuration and improves the service quality, reduce the disruption, mitigate the outrage, reduction in operating cost, as well diagnose potential issues and adjust configuration related to it. It is easy to set up and it works very closely to changing business goals and technical requirements. You can check about this module in their website for detailed information. During this module, backward navigation is allowed.


    The document is available online during examination. Any document can be accessed but its access is limited. The candidates are not allowed to bring inside the reference material inside the lab. Every module has minimum pass score. Both minimum and pass score is written based on the difficulty level. The pass score should comprehend with competence level and minimum score is absolute minimum score from expert level candidate. To clear the exam, the candidates need to score more than aggregated score of both the modules.

    CCIE Security Exam Topics

    It is an eight hour practical examination that requires candidates to plan, design, deploy and optimize network security to safeguard the network. There are certain topics and guidelines that will be included in the exam. Your knowledge, exam and skills will be tested on these topics and outside material will not be allowed. There are certain topics that will be included in the exam like perimeter security and intrusion prevention, secure connectivity and segmentation, infrastructure security, identity management, and access control, advanced threat protection and content security.