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    Career opportunity after completing the following course :

    • Network Engineers
    • Solution Network Architect
    • Networking Administrators
    • Networking Specialists
    • Network Support Specialists
    • Network Consultants
    • System Engineers
    • Network Architecture consultant
    • Network Professional
    • And many More
    CCIE Collaboration

    CCIE Practical Exam Format

    First date to test: February 24, 2020

    This is 8 hours practical examination that tests the candidate’s ability in the field of networking. The candidate will be tested in several fields like designing, deploying, and troubleshooting complex networking. This exam has 2 modules as mentioned

    Module 1- Design

    This exam has a duration of 3 hours

    Module 2- Deploy, operate, and optimize

    This exam has a duration of 5 hours

    Automation and network programmability skills form an important part of the module. The candidate will be tested on different technology and solution. While both of them are two different modules but the candidates will not be allowed to navigate back.

    Design Modules

    The major objective of the design module is to create, analyze, validate, and optimize network design, which is an important part of deployment activities. The candidate has to understand different kinds of networks, technology and translate them into customer services. The module is lab-oriented and you are not allowed to access the device. The candidates will be given documents before answering the questions. There are several types of documents like email thread, high-level design, etc. The best example of web-based items includes drag and drop, multiple-choice questions, etc. In this module, backward navigation is not applicable. The candidate will have direct access to the module. Positive values will be shown in the module.

    Deploy, Operate, and Optimize

    In this module, the candidate will be tested on designing, deploying, optimizing network technology. This test is for 5 hours and in this test, the entire network implementation will be covered, including configuration and troubleshooting the technology as per the exam topics.

    Operate and optimize- In this the candidates, have to work on the networking technology that includes different technologies. This includes network health, network configuration, how to mitigate the cost. In this module, you will be provided with a replica of an actual networking environment. In this backward navigation is allowed.

    Evaluation And Result

    The module has both minimum and maximum scores. Both the score will be based on exam difficulty level and candidate’s expertise level. The minimum score is the absolute minimum score that is expected from the candidate. To clear the exam, the candidates need to score more than a cumulative score that is higher than the minimum score for different modules. Upon clearing the exam, they will not be offered a score sheet. The candidate who is not able to clear the examination will be provided with the score sheet.

    CCIE Collaboration Certification Exam

    CCIE Collaboration Exam includes both theoretical and practical topics related to the field of networking. Net Tech offers high-quality CCIE Collaboration training for this exam.

    CCIE Collaboration Course Overview

    The CISCO CCIE Collaboration written exam is a 2-hour test in which 90-100 questions will be asked and it will validate the professionals in various skills related to design, implementation, operation, and troubleshooting of complex enterprise collaboration solutions. In this exam, you will not be allowed to carry outside materials. It is an eight-hour exam that tests the candidate’s ability to implement, operate and troubleshoot complex enterprise networking solutions. It will test the candidate’s knowledge in the field of troubleshooting and the candidates are expected to solve complex issues as a part of the exam.

    Before moving on to CCIE certification students should first learn about CCNACCNP, CCDP, and CCDA.

    Exam Preview

    The exam certification helps you to master expert-level job roles in collaboration technology. CCIE Collaboration exam tests your automation skills and helps you to scale up in collaboration infrastructure. To earn this exam, you need to clear two exams:

    First is a qualifying exam, Implementing and Operating CISCO Collaboration Core Technology. This course will focus on the knowledge of collaboration infrastructure. Once you have cleared the qualifying exam, you will earn a specialist certification, so that your skills can be recognized.

    The second is 8 hours hands-on lab examination. This examination will test your ability in complex collaboration infrastructure, starting from designing to deploying to operating to optimizing.

    In the test, the following topics will be included. Any other subjects may, however, also be included in the review and the criteria may change without advance notice.

    • API and protocols.
    • Infrastructure and service efficiency.
    • Plan for Call Control and Dial
    • Endpoints, User Management and Mobility
    • Edge Mobility
    • Media Resources, Meetings, and Call recording
    • Collaboration Application
    • Evolving Technology
    Exam Preview