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    Blockchain is a decentralized database. It distributes the trust in the network. A blockchain is a database of transactions at its heart, like a conventional ledger. Such transactions may be any transfer of money, products, or secure information, such as a purchase at a supermarket or the allocation of a government ID number. Nobody is able to make adjustments to the data.
    Just like the internet, blockchain is going to disrupt every industry in some way or another. With changing trends and emerging technologies coming into the picture, business executives need to know the importance of Blockchain and its impact on businesses. Nettech India offers “Blockchain for Business Executives” training and is based in Thane, Navi Mumbai, and Mumbai, which also has a 100% placement guarantee.



    “Blockchain for Business Executives” course is designed by Nettech India for business executives to understand the blockchain ecosystem, which will help them in decision-making. We will cover all three generations of blockchain and enterprise blockchain. The course is packed with use cases and blockchain applications.

    Prerequisites: None Courses

    Beginner : Certified Blockchain Expert(for General Audience), Blockchain for Business Executives(for Business Executives, Lawyers, Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Analyst), Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Expert(for Traders, and Investors)

    Intermediate : Ethereum Solidity Smart Contract(for Developers)

    Advance : Enterprise Blockchain – Hyper ledger Fabric(for Developers)

    Course Outcome

    After completing Blockchain for a business executive course from Nettech India, you will understand the blockchain ecosystem. You will understand the magnitude of Blockchain and how it can be implemented in an organization.