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    Career Opportunities after Automated Testing Course :

    • Selenium Automation Engineer
    • Selenium Tester
    • Senior Quality Engineer
    • Mobile Testing Lead
    • Java Selenium Automation Engineer
    • Selenium Test Analyst
    • Senior QA Automation Engineer
    • Software Development Test Engineer
    • And many more…


    The automated Testing certification course is offered at NetTech India in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. Our software testing training institute is best at providing you with the basic to advance level of knowledge from our certified and expert trainers who also work at top MNC’s. We provide you with hands-on training for better understanding.

    Software Testing is a critical step in the process of designing software. Performing this step helps you to identify any bug or errors in the application and it also assists you in analyzing whether the end result matches the requirement of the user. Software Testing can be performed in two ways; Manual Testing and Automated Testing.

    Automated Testing is performed by the testers who write the code to automate the test execution. It is carried out by using automation software testing tools. It is used to achieve a quick and accurate report of a software system. The tester who does automation testing requires prior knowledge of programming.

    Course Details

    • The Automated Testing certification coursestarts with the test management using quality centre following it would be the overview of online defect reporting tools such as Bugzilla and overview, need, and benefits of automation testing.
    • Going further you would learn about automation and the introduction to automation tools.
    • Automated Testing training coursealso includes functional testing using QTP, performance, load, and stress testing using load runner, what can and cannot be automated.
    • It also involves the implementation of libraries of functions and functions, the development of tests, the running and review of tests, control points, parameterization tests, the performance of values, and the description and use of recovery scenarios.
    • Selenium is a test automation platform for an open-source web application. The course will cover Selenium features and components to allow participants to be able to write good scripts for automation.
    • And many more…

    When Selenium is completed, you will be able to :

    1. Basic JAVA information.
    2. Application to test with Selenium IDE.
    3. Use the Selenium Web Driver to build Scripts.
    4. Execution of a script using a selenium grid with hub and node configuration.
    5. Application of the test of Selenium.
    6. And many more…

    Course Goals

    It aims to help you understand various automated testing methods, debugging tests, understanding of test suites, identifying elements by ID, and identifying elements by name.