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    Career Opportunities after ASP.NET training course :

    • ASP.NET Developer
    • Senior Full Stack ASP.NET Executive
    • ASP.NET Trainer
    • ASP.NET Tester
    • ASP.NET Programmer
    • And many more…

    Description :

    NetTech India, a leading institute in Software certification courses includes ASP.NET certification training in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. ASP exemplifies Active Server Pages. It is a framework which helps in developing web pages using C# programming language.

    Our institute provides the best training for ASP.NET certification courses by taking you on hands-on training sessions. Our certified and expert staff provides you with in-depth knowledge about ASP.NET training by covering all basic to advance level concepts.

    ASP.NET supports various models such as ASP.NET Webforms, ASP.NET Web pages, ASP.NET MVC, and etc. It is a server-side technology released in 2002.

    Course Details :

    1. This NET training course in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thaneprovides you with the knowledge and skills needed to build dynamic web applications with ASP.NET and Visual Studio.
    2. You learn both simple methods of application creation and how to create n-tier web applications.
    3. It also lets you learn how to access databases and user interfaces easily using data and model linking and controls of data sources.

    What is included in the ASP.NET training course?

    NetTech India, an ASP.net training institute has designed this course to cover topics like:

    1. .NET Framework
    2. Introduction to Web Technologies
    3. Web Sites and Page Frameworks
    4. ASP.NET Server Controls
    5. ASP.NET State Management
    6. Caching
    7. ASP.NET User Controls & Custom Controls
    8. ASP.NET Look and Feel using themes and main pages
    9. ASP.NET Data Access
    10. You often learn about connecting to a database with controls for the data source.
    11. Binding data sources to Web Form controls
    12. Automating data access with Grid View, Form View, ListView and Details View
    13. Using the code-first Entity Framework and LINQ for data access by Entities.
    14. This course will also help you learn about creating Sensitive ASP.NET Pages with Ajax as an ASP.net training institute, NetTech India also covers advanced web technologies. All in all, a complete course for web developers looking for high-end web applications to be created.
    15. From the exam point of view, the ASP.net training course outline covers all the required topics.
    16. And many more…