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ASP .NET Training


The Model View Controller architectural pattern course is divided into three major components: the model, the view and the controller. The ASP.NET MVC framework is a substitute to ASP.NET Web Forms pattern for creating the web applications. This framework is light in weight, testable and can be easily integrated with the existing ASP.NET features like master pages and membership based authentication. The course is defined in the System. The course is highly preferred by the large scale enterprise web application development. Even if you are experienced in the field of ASP.NET and don’t have an understanding of MVC framework, you will be considered as outdated in the industry. This is the reason why every web developer is striving towards updating its knowledge to ASP.NET.MVC.

The MVC pattern enables you to create applications that separate the different parts of the application while offering a loose coupling between the applications. This pattern helps to locate where each kind of logic is available in the application. The UI logic belongs to view, the input logic belongs to controller and business logic is for the model. This separation helps to manage complex situations with ease because it enables you to focus on one aspect of implementation at a particular time.

ASP.NET has three different types of models including web pages, web forms and MVC. This framework is testable, light in weight and can be easily integrated with the existing ASP.NET features like master pages, authentication, etc. The latest version of MVC framework is 5.0. Have a look at its features

• This framework is the best for developing complex but lightweight applications

• It provides pluggable framework which can be easily replaced or customized

• It uses the component based design of the application by dividing the application into different models like model, view and controller. It helps to manage the complexity of the projects with ease.

• MVC structure improves the test driven development and testability of the application, since all the components is designed into interface based and tested using mock projects. Hence, this framework is the best for large scale team of web developers.

• This framework supports vast array of functionalities like authorization and authentication, data binding, user control, membership, ASP.NET, etc.

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Course Details

This training course provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to build dynamic web applications with ASP.NET and Visual Studio. You learn both rapid application development techniques and how to build n-tier web applications. It also helps you learn efficient access to databases and user interfaces employing data and model binding and data-source controls.

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Course Goals

NetTech India, an training institute has designed this course to cover topics like.NET Framework, Introduction to Web Technologies, Web Sites and Page Frameworks, ASP.NET Server Controls, ASP.NET State Management, Caching, ASP.NET User Controls & Custom Controls, ASP.NET Look and Feel using Master, Pages and themes, ASP.NET Data Access. You also learn about connecting to a database with data source controls, binding data sources to Web Form controls, automating data access with GridView, FormView, ListView and DetailsView, utilizing code-first Entity Framework and LINQ to Entities for data access. As an training institute, NetTech India also covers advanced web developments this course will also help you learn about Constructing Responsive ASP.NET Pages with Ajax. All in all a complete course for web developers who are looking to develop high-end web applications. training course outline covers all the necessary topics from the exam point of view.

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