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    NetTech India a reputed training institute provides you with the best training for Advanced Excel in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane also provides a 100% placement guarantee. Today, MS Excel has become an important component in bringing success to the organization. We feel paralyzed without this tool. Hence, it is important to understand this tool to the fullest.

    NetTech India’s advanced excel course helps the candidate to attain mastery over the advanced tools and features of MS Excel. Through this course, the candidate will learn how powerful MS Excel is and what it can do apart from the data entry.

    The Advanced Excel course will provide an insight into how to manage the workbooks, templates, how to apply custom formats and create advanced formulas. Advanced excel training is a smart investment tool if the candidate wants to build his knowledge in the field of business finance.


    Why this Advanced excel certification course has become popular?

    In today’s dynamic market environment where business needs a competitive edge, experience in advanced MS courses is highly desirable. Our advanced excel course at Nettech India in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane verifies the candidate’s ability to work in a feature-rich environment. As per Naukri.com, the candidate who is backed up with the degree of advanced excel course will garner the salary of Rs 1, 75,000- 2, 50,000.

    What will you learn through this Advanced Excel training course?

    At the end of advanced excel training offered by NetTech; the students will be able to,

    • Manage the different versions of a workbook and remove metadata workbook.
    • Identify the different steps involved in tracking options and limiting editors.
    • Through the course, the students will learn various functions of MS Excel.
    • The students will be able to learn custom accounting methods, formats and colours.
    • Understand how the pivotal charts are created and different functions involved in it.
    • Understand the different apps involved in installing the office store.

    To whom NetTech India’s Advanced excel certification course is meant for

    • Our advanced Microsoft excel training is ideal for the professionals who want to improve his or her job prospects by using MS excel advanced course.
    • It is actually meant for the professionals who are looking forward building their career in the field of accounting and finance, MIS reporting, digital marketers, bloggers, etc. the advanced excel course opens the gateway in the field of Business Analysis, Data Science and Big Data sectors.

    What will the students learn from our advanced excel certification course?

    Advance excel certification course near you will provide students with immense knowledge of,

    • How to modify the workbook templates.
    • Merge multiple workbooks.
    • Manage multiple version of the workbook.
    • Manage workbook metadata.
    • Copy styles between a different workbook.
    • External data connection.
    • Protect workbook.
    • Set tracking option.
    • Apply custom formats and layout to the table.
    • Create advanced charts and graphs.
    • Learn Advanced new features.

    What is the prerequisite for an advanced excel training course?

      1. 1. There is no academic or professional qualification involved in registering for this course.
      1. 2. The applicants just need to have the latest software installed on the computer for the online exam.

    It is advisable to register for the Microsoft Certification study guide or visit their official website to gain information about advanced excel certification. NetTech India is one of the reputed institutes that prepare the students for the Advanced Excel certification exam with confidence.