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    NetTech India is one of the best Chip Level Training Institute in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane which provides a Chip level Training & Certification that certifies you at a certain level of knowledge in Chip Level repairing (Laptop). It specializes in Networking and Chip level Courses of Laptop and Computers. Nationally, our technology stays ahead in the chip-level training and networking courses.


    With the help of our Research and Development team, we have today become the leaders in chip-level laptop courses and chip-level mobile repairing. With our service setup and specialist Engineers in place, we have also been successful in providing Chip level repair training for servicing laptops, which is declared unserviceable by its vendors.
    Our level of training is up to component level and IC level. This way, we can diagnose down to chip level the defect in the device, motherboard of the customer and repair the defective ICs and components so that it is fully functional. This not only saves time to repair the source pieces, but also greatly reduces consumer expenses.

    What will you learn in Chip level repair course at Nettech India institute?

    • BGA Chip Reballing and Rework
    • CRO Machine
    • Soldering Iron
    • Hot Air Rework Station
    • Motherboard Chip Level Repair: With cutting edge technology to our disposal we are much more equipped than our competitors to repair Northbridge and GPU issues which are common on most laptops, more so now that
    • Dim Display: We will give you enhance training and troubleshooting on Dim Display, these problems are usually caused by a faulty inverter or Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp inside the screen, which stops your laptop screen from illuminating.
    • Power Problems: NetTech India focuses on training Laptop power problems are also caused by failed power sections on the motherboard, which can stop your laptop from recharging or powering up.
    • HDD Problem: Laptop HDD problems are usually caused by a faulty IDE Controller, HDD connector on the motherboard or a Faulty HDD.