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Tableau Course

Tableau Course
Today, we are living in a complex world filled with data all around. Everything that we do is increasingly adding to more and more data which can be leveraged by the businesses to its advantage. Hence, this has fueled in to the demand of Tableau course. The Tableau course helps you to visualize the data in a better way. With its user-friendly approach and data visualization technique, today Tableau has become a popular choice among the big or small organization

Tableau Course Objectives

Tableau Desktop 10 is one of the most popular data visualization technique used in the world of business intelligence and is ranked as the leader by the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Tableau is easy to use and has extensive visualization techniques that make it an ideal reporting tool for the enterprise across the world.

The Tableau certification course designed by Net Tech will help you to clear the Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate exam and will help you begin a new assignment with confidence. Our tableau training course will help you to focus on acquiring new skills that you can use on the job like using statistical tools to create reports, dashboards and master the different aspects of visualization.

What skills will you learn in Tableau training programme?

With Net Tech India’s tableau certification course, you will be able to learn the

 Different concepts related to Tableau Desktop 10 and master the Tableau statistics and learn about interactive dashboards

 Master the concepts of data sources and datable blending, learn how to create data extract and organize and format data

 Master the different arithmetical, logical, tableau, LOD calculations and ad-hoc analytics

 Become expert on visualization techniques like heat map, tree map, Pareto, market basket and Gantt chart

 Learn to analyze different data related techniques using Tableau Desktop like clustering and forecasting techniques

 Have command on the different mapping concepts like custom, radial selections, custom

 Learn interactive dashboard, story interface and how to share your work

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Who should take this tableau certification course?

The Tableau certification course offered by Net Tech is the right course for the candidate who wants to excel in the field of analytics. This Tableau course is designed for the professionals:-

 Analytics Professionals

 IT testers and developers

 Data scientists

 Data Analysts

 Project manager

 BI and reporting professionals

Job areas where this tableau certification course is highly demanding

The course is highly demanding among the professionals of the different sectors like e- commerce, IT, social media, financial services, healthcare industries, etc.

Course Preview

Through this course, you will get introduced to the introduction of tableau 10, installation of tableau desktop, working with tableau, deep diving and data connections, creating charts, mapping tableau, dashboards and stories, visualization for audience, tableau architecture, tableau repository, building charts, create what if analysis, toggle between different connections and extracts, data blending, introduction to the different versions of tableau.

Why Net tech?

Net Tech is a reputed institute that will provide you with extensive training on how to clear the Tableau exam with confidence. With our expert subject matter staff, we will help the candidates learn how to work with Tableau server and accessing reports.

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